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Wading Boot Studs: Moron Take Your Boots Off!

Were you raised in a damn barn! How damn dumb to wear your wading boots into a home and ruin the wood floors. Perfect time for those oversized Crocs…yes Crocs…to slip on over your wader’s stocking feet.


Studs Placement on Wading Boots

No girl’s and boi’s a different stud placement. With new boots in the life, I wanted to follow the advice of the shop…’Studs? You can never have enough.’ So, realizing those Vibram soles are a bit slippery, I researched for general advice for me and, of course, you.

Here are a couple pieces on stud placement. Regardless of type of stud used, you to want to avoid walking on only metal as much as only rubber. A mix, a ying and yang of studs & sole are best.

The Oregon Fly Fishing Blog and Grip Studs offer up similar advice on where to spread out those studs.


Fly Fishing and Safe Wading (No felt, Rubber Soles & Studs)

The fly fishing industry is promoting the enviro safer wading boot with Vibram soles rather than felt soles. Felt has not been universally prohibited just yet. But, recently, I opted for a new pair of wading boots, a pair of Simms Guide Wading Boots with the Vibram soles. The boots come without any studly adornments. MISTAKE!

A few day ago, as I waded along a river as if skating on ball bearing and felt every muscle torqued hither and yon, it occurred to me that perhaps those Vibram soles were not sufficient for safe traction. Obvious you say. Well, they were represented as tacky and adequate to wade by the sales guy. I don’t think he intentionally misrepresented. That was then this is now. Shop owners now have there containers of cleats and studs on the counter and a tool to dispense about ten studs into each sole in a pattern to assure better traction and fewer torn groin muscles and wrenched backs. Currently, I feel like an abused wish bone. Oh, is it true that Patagonia is still only producing felt soles? Really? If so, Yvon get with it.  

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