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Chasing the moon…

Camped out above Rufus, Oregon to try and capture a ‘super moon’ rising. Distant haze and the moon rising while it was not totally dark thwarted my settings and the usual scramble ensued. Such is nature.


Worm Moon…

appeared more like a Blood Moon as it ascended up through bands of clouds above the Cascade Mtns. just east of Portland, Oregon. Shot from atop Rocky Butte.





‘Super’ moon…

tried to peek through the clouds, to no avail…



the eyes & the mind have to adjust…

“The true joy of a moonlit night is something we no longer understand. Only the men of old, when there were no lights, could understand the true joy of a moonlit night.” Yasunari Kawabata (I think we can still grasp it in most settings)

Super Moon 12-3-17 Pdx SwittersB

12/03/17, hazy evening, 38℉, Portland, Oregon


chasing the moon…

the Super Moon…the moon, that had not been so super since the year I was born…1948. Portland was socked in with rain coming. Weather forecasts in all directions showed clouds and rain coming by early evening. There was potentially a ‘sliver’ of hope to the East…about a 100 miles East. I took off East and bypassed hopeful vantage points (Crown Point, Cascade Locks, Hood River, The Dalles, Celilo Falls) that were socked in with spatters of rain. I pretty much lost hope as it looked cloudy as far as I could see. Coming upon Rufus, Oregon I saw a road that seemed to wind up above the Gorge (Columbia River Gorge) so I took the road and ended up high above amongst wind turbines and not another person in view. I drove around the area, snapped some shots of the turbines and prepared to leave when I saw a bright, wide ‘sliver’ of light penetrating the dark clouds and darkness. I turned around and headed toward the NE, where the light showed. I bailed out, set the camera atop the tripod and prepared to shoot. I neglected to adjust my ISO after having shot the wind turbines in the emerging darkness. As the Super Moon barely emerged amongst the clouds, it shined very bright. It was indeed huge…’super’. I had about 60 seconds as it emerged upward through the strata of rain clouds. I snapped away but, I had been in too much of a hurry and had not been prepared to adjust the settings as the arrival took me by surprise. It was a fun, private event atop the Gorge.









Lunar eclipse coming soon…

September 27,  Super/Harvest Moon

new moon-new lens-9-21-SwittersB


Reap What You Sow….Sow Kindness

Doing right by others and self in our day to day life…We have never been closer to one another, yet we are often numb, empty, hiding from those nearby. Forget, if you can, politics, agendas, causes and just reach out and be a caring, listening, gentle person in the moment. And, yes we do reap what we sow. But, often we have a chance to change our sowing habits and reap a bountiful harvest that feeds the soul. Never too late, if the positive vision is even but a glimmer. Preaching to the choir here, I know. But we each have our demons, our mistakes, our failures and regrets. I can only try to make right in a more loving, honest way.

Harvest Moon-Super Moon-nature-life-man-SwittersB-photography


Moon Shot Interruptus

camera-moon shot-movement-photography-SwittersB

I was experimenting with settings while taking snaps of the ‘Super Moon’. I pushed the button and stepped away to get something. I came back ‘in a few moments’ prepared to take another shot. I assumed the camera had clicked those few moments ago. It hadn’t. As I took hold of the camera, preparing to look into the view finder the camera clicked after a long exposure. This was the result. Kind of cool. I think I did mention ‘photofumbler’ in an earlier post. 


Photography: Super Moon Experimental Kaput!

I approached last night with excitement. The night before I had taken an ok pic of the ‘Super Moon’ rising and felt this night I would dial it in even better. I had the bright idea of not just using my camera, but also a telescope. Could I possibly gain an even more detailed visual and then somehow use the camera through the telescope lens…yes, some rigged up, amateur setup…to get a unique results?

I experimented during the heat of the day. I soon realized my usual, life time haunting, problem. My mind. I can see a possible solution, but I rarely can calculate the details. The conceptual dynamics are thwarted by the calculations to pull it off. I have muddled, faked and dodged through math, algebra, spreadsheets and budgets this far. Of course, that does not stop me!


I set up the telescope (I had not set it up in decades) and ‘dialed in’ on a tree a block away. Good there was a tree branch and leaves. I then  grabbed the camera and tripod and placed it over the telescope lens to see what was what. I took a pic and the above image resulted. That was promising. It  could only get better in the dark, more clarity, more details. Right?


Anticipation, excitement…Maybe, just maybe, I had something here. The appointed time arrived. Oh, I could see the huge, yellow edge of the moon pushing just above the trees in the distance. I was in the front yard with the camera/tripod and the telescope/ancient tripod.  

Wow! It really was spectacular. Something I usually see in October..the giant harvest moons. I commenced to fiddling around trying to find the moving moon in the telescope. Long story short…the whole experiment turned into fire drill as the moon quickly rose. Nothing was clearly in view and I wasted time trying to combine keeping the moon in the telescope eyepiece and positioning the camera/tripod over the eyepiece to get a shot. 


As I checked the results, I noted nothing too detailed in the image. I had not spent enough time experimenting with the different powered eyepieces for the telescope. Sigh. Attention to detail, if not in math, is one of my stronger (OCD) traits. I realized  the moment was lost for this experiment and opted to use only the camera.

I soon noticed that a dark haze was before the moon as it rose. The Rowena wildfire to the East and the hot, East winds down the Gorge had pushed the smoke into Portland. Right away, things seemed less detailed than the night before. I snapped shots as the moon rose, timing the shots as it moved between intruding power lines. Note to self, scout out an unobstructed view next time.

full moon-August 10 14-photography-smokey-SwittesB

The resulting images were sepia tinted from the smoke, I imagine. The experiment, I have shared for two reasons: partly humor and partly a reminder to pre-plan better if the object of the effort is a fleeting moment. I wanted to take the shots as the moon was low in the sky and bigger. I self imposed a degree of stress here and it really wasn’t necessary. I will play around with the telescope and actually learn how to use it and see if a camera-tripod meld is even doable with my equipment or spare myself the fumbling around. Fun memory for the ‘photofumbler’.

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