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Releasing a beast…

Big Fish-Thrashing-SwittersB-TMuncy-Oregon


Not quite full….the Moon & Mars

Tonight, I had just finished snapping some shots of the moon just after sunset. I never quite do it justice, but I still try.  A young man approached me. I had seen him shooting the sunset with a tripod/camera setup. “Pssst! Hey there’s a once in a lifetime event…tonight, shortly after midnight, Mars comes close to the Moon and it’s as large. We’re coming back up here to see and photograph it. We’ll have to sneak in because the parks closed.”

I think he was serious…or maybe just pulling my leg. I didn’t know. So when I got home, I searched a bit to find out it is a falsehood and I was relieved…not wanting to drag my keister out of bed and find a secluded spot…even for a once in a lifetime Mars/Lunar shot. I settled for an almost full moon. 

Rocky Butte-Moon-August 26, 2015-SwittersB 



“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering.”      Augustine

evening sky-clouds-SwittersB-Oregon-photography


Potions, Magic & Wishes……

“Logic only gives a man what he needs…Magic gives him what he wants.” 

Tom Robbins (Hey! He created Switters ‘Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates’ 



Old Gate, Forgotten Back Road

A windy afternoon, a back road on the outskirts of a desert town you pass through in a hurry to somewhere else. The sun is lower and the old gate across the front of the abandoned building glows with rust and oxidized metal. Sand has drifted up against the foundation. Garbage is spread about out back. Old, hand painted signage suggests it was a motorcycle repair shop. But my eye was drawn to the old gate and the ornamentation.

photography--old security gate-desert-SwittersBAn interesting variety of metal work by a welder with a vision for variety. I am often not quite sure why something visually appeals to me. Contrasts? What was then/what is now? Past dreams and ambitions being overtaken by nature? A state of mind to fortify in a harsh, isolation? I just see it, feel it and attempt to capture it.

photography-SwittersB-old gate-metal work-desert


Stillwater Variety Pack

By no means a complete assortment of all the flies I would carry out onto a lake, this picture depicts many of the flies I carry. The caddis pupa and adults (Elk Hair Caddis and Stimulator for Traveling Sedge), the damsel and dragons, scuds, Callibaetis nymphs and adults, Chironomid pupas. Previous posts have shown the woolly buggers I prefer. I don’t show an ant, diving back swimmer, adult damsel or any number of other patterns I have and sometimes carry. These are the basics that I build upon. You could incorporate Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Hare’s Ears, Adams or Griffiths Gnats. I am assessing and planning for the upcoming season.     



Emerger Experiments


I like the looks of this pattern. The CDC will provide just enough bouyancy to keep the fly in the surface film. Don’t treat the CDC with floatant. If tied in sizes 16 or smaller, the biot body could be replaced with sparsely dubbed body or pheasant tail fibers wound up as the abdomen. A small touch of sparkle dub under the loop of CDC will provide an attractant similar to emerging mayflies just below the surface. This fly works for BWO, PMD and Callibaetis mayflies. I am going to experiment with it for emerging chironomids.


Switters Bumpatter

Switters: the epitome of non-conformity. A hero of sorts, a reluctant hero, who crosses boundaries. He doesn’t quite fit in and never really will.

Bumpatter: A predilection for the perfect curve; course one can’t really satisfy the urge to pat these days.     

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