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Little Black Nymph…

Not too small, a size 14 here, trout pattern when basic black works subsurface. If you aren’t chasing Salmon or Winter Steelhead then it’s time to tie.


Photography &/or Fly Fishing: John’s Advice Poses Questions

Howdy SwittersBAt the risk of waking John up, I have a consideration perking away in my mind.

John's Advice SwittersBI know I can be rather energetic and prolific when I accumulate images that have inspired me and I feel I cannot pace out the sharing of them. I just want to share. But, John is not at all pleased with, not just the annoying email alerts that I have posted, but also, and most importantly to me, the content of my posts. He does not appreciate my photographic focus, so to speak.

In the five + years that I have been posting at SwittersB & Fly Fishing no one has ever commented upon my content or judgment on content. And, as many of you might respond, do as you will and ignore the comment.

Trout Release Bucky

It is not that John’s comment is devastating as much as it raises a question that has been admittedly irritating me: SwittersB & Fly Fishing originally was indeed only peripherally about photography and then usually about fish or flies or water or nature. So, when I ventured toward areas away from water and fishing was I confusing the situation for the visitors?

fence knot hole SwittersB

SwittersB has evolved toward the appreciation of life, imagery, nature, fish and art with a dash of soulfulness. Should SwittersB branch out to SwittersB Photography and perhaps also a separate SwittersB & Fly Fishing or just combine my passions into one brew and let it be as it has been? I just seem to have ventured hither and yon over the last few years, as I have in life. 

“The prince looked hither, thither, and yon for the beautiful woman who had lost the glass slipper.”

I will have to think about this more. I always viewed my photographic efforts as just gravy or icing on an otherwise decent offering. I hope I didn’t wake you up with an email notification yet again John.

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