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Macro Vid of Tattooing


Sleek Release…

“I am chic, sleek, and so unique.”

Charles F. Glassman, Laws of Attraction

No, not me…the fish!



Life: Taking a Woman Fly Fishing…………

Now, I could have categorized this under Outdoors, Fly Fishing, Sports, Photography, Mental Health or Nature to name but a few categories that might fit. But, I chose Life. Because, fly fishing, amongst many other outdoor pursuits lends itself to many positive outcomes that enhance relationships and self.

Bucky Tat Rod SwittersB

Over the many years that I have been fishing, and particularly fly fishing (50+ years), I have had the pleasure to fish with family and friends, male and female, young and old. For me, it has always provided a means to share, teach, grow in patience, set someone on a course to individually enjoy the past time of fly fishing. It is very rewarding.

For some reason, the concept of fishing with a woman is often nixed by men. Why is that? Perceived incompetency…a male only predilection…hanging with the guys only…a machismo perception of the sport??? I don’t think it is often the above biases that preclude men from inviting a woman to fly fish and share the joy of the past time.

Slab Trout Bracelet SB

Now you can come across certain studies that suggest a possible mental clash of sorts, but such generalizations are very touchy subjects these days. Now, I have noticed, with my own personal experiences, that my wife a woman can visit quite a bit and that they do like to talk to the fish before they hook them, as they fight them, land them, admire them and release them. 

earplugsxNow admit it men, you silently do much of the same things, maybe even throwing out a muffled “come on baby, easy, easy, yeah!’

Somewhere there are word meters that chart the amounts of word usage in a given day by men and women. If you have one, don’t take it with you on an outing with a woman…just sayin’. Trout Caught & Safely Released


Life: My Trout Has Wrinkles……………

When things are taut and toned, that inclination comes about for ink. A design, a reminder of something important is etched, burned, cut, blitzed into your mind and flesh. Ah, so wonderful, so edgy, so you.

But then you gets dehydrated, or hell you start shrinking and losing muscle and suddenly that work of art has ‘wrinkles’? My Trout has wrinkles?!?

Retrieve SB BThe other day, I asked my wife to take a photo of me doing a figure 8 retrieve. I figured I would write something about presentation and various retrievals of flies. My wife said, “turn your arm a little bit…make your arm tighter…hmmm?….your arm is wrinkled…you aren’t going to like this…flex your arm somehow”. What?!!!!

My Trout Tattoo had wrinkles…I had wrinkles. Vanity spare me the cruel self reflections. Enough already with this downward slide into atrophy and age spots.

Tat and Fish SB B

“When you’re 50 you start thinking about things you haven’t thought about before. I used to think getting old was about vanity – but actually it’s about losing people you love. Getting wrinkles is trivial.” (Eugene O’Neill)

Vanity, calculations to impress or self satisfy. I imagined all Last Winter and Spring, posing a beautiful Trout in line with my Trout Tattoo. I imagined the colors, the contrast of the real against the imagined. The time came, but my Trout  had wrinkles. No matter! Trout caught/released.


Tattoo Tribute: Columbia River Gorge

Yesterday, I stopped by Infinity Tattoo in Portland, Oregon to visit Amanda Sue Myers and Paul Zenk. While conversing with Paul, he directed me to the tat he was working on. John Cain, Paul’s client, had a vision of paying tribute to the Columbia River Gorge. The Gorge is a diverse gateway that houses majestic beauty, the mighty Columbia River (of course, there are numerous dams), amazing historical events, and FISH!).

I gazed down on the work in progress and told John to please send me a finished photo of the beautiful tattoo.

John Cain's New TatThe tattoo depicts the forested plateau above the gorge, Crown Point’s Vista House, the sturgeon and steelhead and salmon that move up the Columbia River into many tributaries. A very nice piece of work. 


Fly Fishing: Early Season Fun…Finally

In the Pacific NW, most of the Western U.S., unless you are blessed with year around open waters (fishing season open) or you are a heroic Winter Steelhead fly fisher) you wait for the season to open in the Spring. Depending upon altitude, some waters open in April and some a bit later in May.

All this waiting is usually coupled with planning, studying up, tying flies, tinkering with the gear, and more planning. It is the anticipation, the what if’s and the recollections of having done it before and what it brings to the psyche when it all goes even partially right.

SB having funIt is the fresh air, the traveling and anticipation, the rush to get on the water, the possible sunshine! and warmth!, using the flies you tied and the success of those creations, “the moment” and the aftermath of feeling connected, at one, at peace…if even for a little bit. It is how one’s life should be, even off the water. 

trout half in SBB


Early Season Warmth & Cold Water

The early season forces of nature conflict: the sun’s warmth barely touches the depths of the water. The wind blows across the lake’s surface and the skin feels the chill of the dissolved ice. The hands are cold from the trout’s skin. Releasing the trout back into the water numbs the hands. You then sit back, look upward and smile as the sun’s warmth bathes your face. 


Not the biggest trout, not the most colorful, but aggressive and tough.


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