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Photography: Questions (Who, What, When)

Hole in the Rock SwittersBPart of the enjoyment of photography, and outdoor pursuits in general, is having questions pop into your mind for further exploration. Here the photo begs questions. Because I am not overly inquisitive re the sciences, I gave a brief thought to how was that hole in the rock formed…but only briefly. The more studious photographer will think of lighting and depth of field considerations and form a critique…I kind of did.

No for me the question is ‘who/what crawled into that hole in the past?’ Did anyone ever crawl into that hole for shelter only to find a creature already inhabiting it for shelter? I am not just thinking the photo ops that have perhaps originated here, but rather what transpired a hundred years ago and farther back in time.


Steven Laurent’s Fish Eye Design (You Want to Be There!)

I am so taken by the visual. Perhaps most of us are. I love to read and appreciate the art of putting the visual into words. But, for raw impact, for the gut check ‘whoa!’, the impact of photography upon me is often profound.

Steven Laurent’s work has just such an impact upon me. I am by no means an expert in photography, but something in me appreciates the angle, the earthiness, the edge of Laurent’s shots. They resonate in my gut. The black and white photographs make me edgy and ‘suffer’ from wanderlust. I love his work!

Steven Laurent Photography…Amazing

Every shot seems on the fly, real and has that robust energy that puts you there. The anticipation and excitement are felt. It is where you want to be. The black and white work with shadows and a sense of motion are magical. Check out his beautiful work. I have been so busy of late that probably you already have found his work and I am just now catching up to a masterful artist. 

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