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Fly Fishing’s History…Very Old History

I’m not sure if you have ever noted Southeastern Europe’s fly fishing opportunities. The images and beauty always seem intriguing and inviting. Well, there is a significant body of work that points to this region’s inhabitants as the earliest practitioners of fly fishing…like way back. 

I like to revisit this site now and the Fly Fishing History site now and then to recenter on the sport. We seem to immerse ourselves in some OCD manner with every possible aspect of the sport except the most basic fish-fly-presentation. Thinking of the ancient’s gear and flies makes one wonder how complex we have to be over this endeavor. In fact, I only have to picture myself 50 years ago with an old Sears & Roebuck glass rod (Ted Williams’ Special…the baseball great was an avid fly fisher) and one or two flies. Those recollections lit the pilot light that continues to burn and motivate me to this day.

Anyway, give the history site a review and note the history of this sport began somewhere in those canyons of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece. (Additional Info) I wonder if there were ancients that fly fished but failed to write about their solving the puzzle. I bet there were.


Every Day in May Challenge Topic for Today: Memory

Every Day in May Writer’s Challenge Topics List Day by Day

My youngest son, at 9 years old, already comfortable in a tube and catching fish bigger than I catch today. I got him there, prepared him, nurtured him, encouraged and praised. He gave me a memory. (1999)

This is difficult…’memory’? Do I recount the many blessed memories on the water, in the outdoors? Or discuss my dwindling recollection capacity of late. On one end the memories are coming in and on the other end, there is a leak of sorts. The memories fade and some stay prominent for whatever reasons.

Fortunately, I have glimpses of memories of my own early fly fishing. Small, brief snippets of narrow, intimate streams with overhanging trees, little pockets beneath the tree harboring Cutthroat Trout. I can see the trout slashing upward to take the fly. The process was simpler then: rubberized canvas hip boots, a box, an inexpensive Sears & Roebuck “Ted Williams” rod/reel. I made due with the waters my dad took me near while camping. There were no day trips. Fishing was confined to camping outings, year to year.

Later, I would be in charge of my own destiny and memory creation. Fishing at times was three times a week. Day outings for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout were frequent and productive. Camping, always by selected waters was and still is the norm. Backpacking was for an end point of Brook Trout. A hike had a pack, hiking boots and a fly rod. Joyful, productive, full of memories for sure.

My youngest son a few years back on East Lake (Oregon). Quite at ease.

Soon, I would bring three sons along and all by eight or nine years of age could fly fish on a lake or stream and catch their memories of Trout, Steelhead or Salmon. Today, I notice my son’s lives are busy, complex and denying them much time on the water. I hope that changes for them beyond the once a year camping trip to wet a line. They need their time on the water, in the water, staring at the water to distract and renew.

I do know my teaching, encouraging, mentoring those I care about in the sport has been most rewarding in a self serving way. I was going to say non-selfish, but truth be told, I  taught my loved ones so I would have company while fishing. It is limiting to be fishing knowing others are waiting back at camp or the rig for your return. The clock ticks. The clock doesn’t exist if they are twenty yards down river or across the lake solving their puzzle.

I do wish my memory was better. It is not an indication of caring or worthiness. Things are just fuzzier. Memories stored, and no one to prompt the retrieval or reminder via “do you remember that time when……..” I have kept journals and have taken many photo’s. Those are excellent tools to recall the memory. So, I need to keep creating the memories on the front end…so do you!

Tomorrow’s Every Day in May Challenge Topic: Shoreline


Every Day in May Challenge: The Rod, The Wand, Devining

Every Day in May Outdoor Blogger’s Writing Challenge: Rod

The Rod. Bet you can’t buy just one. My original rod was a metal telescoping fly rod my Uncle gave me in the late 50’s. I never really used that, but by the early 60’s I had a Sears & Roebuck setup…a Ted Williams model rod and reel. A fiberglass rod, it had a sliding sleeve on the cork handle that allowed it to be a fly rod or a spinning rod. I still have it. The set up lasted me for many years. It was a magic wand, a devining rod more often than not.

“Some Sorcerers do boast they have a Rod, Gather’d with Vowes and Sacrifice, And (borne about) will strangely nod To hidden Treasure where it lies; Mankind is (sure) that Rod divine, For to the Wealthiest (ever) they incline.” Sam Sheppard

In my early twenties I ventured away to drift gear (level winds and spinning rods) and spent a majority of the time fishing the terminal gear. But, then providence struck in Sisters, Oregon. I walked into the Fly Fisher’s Place on the first day it opened. Harry and Dee Teel greeted my family, dirty and disheveled after a long camping trip. I looked about the shop and noticed the beautiful fly rods and reels. Most were way out of my price range and I said as much. I was use to inexpensive Lamiglas and Eagle Claw rods.

Harry took me aside and showed me a rod and reel that was tucked away. A loss leader of sorts, a rod that was a prototype from Japan. His kindness and easy style paved the way for me to buy the setup (rod, reel and line plus some leader materials, flies and a box) for $300.00  I used that set up for 13 years. It (I) caught a ton of fish on that prototype, 5 wt. rod. All was good and the beat rolled on.

Then one day I stopped by a fly shop and they were having a casting clinic and just coincidentally they had some Sage and St. Croix rods strung up. I played around with an Sage XP and a St. Croix Ultra Legend. Things changed that day. I still am not really certain it was for the best. The faster Sage and St. Croix rods were amazing to cast. My slower action prototype rod seemed flabby and tired. 

I sprung for both because of a rare windfall. The old, oddly blue colored, prototype rod became a backup to the newly purchased Sage XP 5 wt. and the St. Croix Ultra 3 wt. Both have caught a bunch of fish too. But, I have a sentimental attachment to the slower prototype rod.

Along the way three sons decided to try fly fishing. Orvis, TFO’s, St. Croix, Fetha Styx, Loomis, Echo and Sage rods came into the family rod vault. All have caught fish, all are acceptable rods and some for the price are an excellent value. More costly is not necessarily better. The industry has done better to provide rods at a much cheaper price that the ordinary fly fisher can afford. 

That old, prototype rod does deserve to come out of the rod tube for a tour now and then. I’m not a rod snob, but I do have one thing about poles and rods. It is probably the one underlying hitch in my giddy up that perhaps reveals: the rods and poles thing.

Tomorrow’s Every Day in May Challenge Topic: Line


BP Oil (The Villain & Your Focus)

I have noticed the eco frenzy and indignation amongst FF bloggers toward BP Oil. With good reason for sure. Without question for sure. But, your gaze and indignation should be broadened. You are falling prey to the usual misdirection shell game. The bugaboos of Big Oil, Big Banking etc. become your focus. What about your indignation, as well, for Obama, Petrobras, George Soros, Hess Oil, the Minerals Management Service and $10 Billion U.S. dollars pledged to help finance deep water drilling off Brazil? Criminality and collusion goes far beyond the BP Oil conglomerate and into the Green movement and the same financiers behind both scenes. Just a suggestion….follow the money. This is way bigger than BP Oil. Even Ted Williams should be capable of connecting the dots here. Oh no, he’s probably still writing about Cheney.


Petro Bras~Brazil?

Petro Bras~Brazil?

(I am certain the ever vigilant Ted Williams is on this….right?)


Sacramento River Water Diversion Harms Salmon Runs?

Scarcity and ‘back room’ deals for diverting water to San Fran and little regard for the Sacramento River salmon runs????? Huh? Maybe Ted Williams can look up from his umpteenth piece about Darth Vader & BushWhacker and zero in on Sen. Feinsteins’ ass? Why is she ignoring a previously agreed upon plan with tax payer dollars already dispensed? $100 million Ted…dig a little.

Feinstein water grab


Enviro Surge & Scourge (Man’s Miscalculations Upon the Resources)

“Michigan wants to slam the door shut on the voracious fish before they enter the Great Lakes and destroy the region’s $7-billion-a-year sport fishing industry or threaten the $16 billion spent on recreational boating each year.”

“The latest threat — Asian carp — began their relentless march north along the Mississippi River decades ago, after being imported for use in Southern states to clean the ponds of catfish farmers in the 1970s. Government workers were also experimenting with the fish as a way to control weeds and dispose of sewage. The fish proved dangerously effective at eating and reproducing in their new home, with the bighead carp variety eating up to 40 percent of its weight each day and growing to 100 pounds and four feet long. Once the carp got into the wild, they began driving out native fish species that anglers covet, eventually dominating entire stretches of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The silver carp variety’s habit of jumping several feet out of the water into the path of motorboats — and their pilots and passengers — makes recreational boating a dangerous proposition in infested areas, with many injuries reported.” Asian Carp About to Enter Great Lakes Chain


“No method of commercial fishing is more destructive of marine ecosystems than longlining. on any given day 100 million baited hooks dangle from giant trotlines in all the world’s oceans……Longlining was introduced by the Japanese in 1952 when the United States first allowed their provisional government to return to the sea. By 1965, Japanese longliners were stripping marine life from every quarter of every ocean. Later in the decade, Spain and the United States joined the slaughter. By the 21st century longlining had become a free-for-all with more than 40 nations and untold pirate fleets competing for rapidly dwindling resources.” Ted Williams of FlyRodReel


Ted Williams Get Up Off Your Knees!

dead horse


As long as Ted Williams is such a Bitch for the DP, perhaps he should drop by this bar and remind them that hope and change is alive and that a little brownlining might be a safer past time.


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