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‘What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps one in a continual state of inelegance.”   Jane Austen, letter to Cassandra, 1796



Outdoors: When is the best time to fish for trout?

Time is a precious commodity for many trying to get on the water to wet a line. Unless you are a fish bum or perhaps a retiree, with that window in life to fish when ever…where ever, life is too compacted with duties, obligations, honey do’s and just mental/physical fatigue to overly plan re the question: “When is the best time to fish for trout?”

Trout net Hands BuckyBarometric pressures trending up or down…moon phases and light…temperatures (water/air)…sunlight and cloud cover…time of day (dawn, dusk, midday) all enter the discussions as indicators of when, where and how to fish. I won’t refute any of those considerations. 

Fun MeterIn the end, I go when I can get there for as long as I can be there…then I consider the above within the window of time I have been allotted. Some of my initial considerations are do I know what insects and food sources are in the water I am standing beside, in or on this time of year? Do I know under what circumstances they will hatch, emerge, crawl, forage (temperature, light, location) this time of year? This requires some in advance studying.

If I have not been able to do the home work then I just relax, study, observe, experiment and have fun trying to solve the puzzle. On many camping trips (multi-day events) my first day is a wash. By the second or third day, I am most often dialed in to location, timing and the what/how.

Damsel Dry Inhaled SB

Otherwise, I am well armed (fly pattern options…don’t freak out), patient and observant and make the most of the moment. I accumulate knowledge over time for certain locations and then note if my observations lead to consistent results. We know enough that strategic certainty is sometimes elusive. So be it….. Sometimes my propensity toward OCD over planning and thinking robs me of the greater picture, the greater experiences. How about you? Trout Caught & Safely Released


Trout & the Brrrrrr Factor

Trout Redside Release SB

If you are ‘fortunate’ to fish in the Winter for Trout, fish a short line/leader from the tip of the rod, exploring the Czech Nymph presentation with multiple flies dredged as slow/low as possible in front of lethargic Trout. There can be exceptions of on the surface activity with midges, but overall work the bottom where Trout are holding in locations that require little effort maintain.


The Temperature Factor & the Trout’s Feeding Habits


Lake Stratifications and Fall Turnover

Good info to study re the thermocline and where fish won’t be as well as the Spring and Fall ‘turnover’ which could influence when you fish or how well you fish.

TURNOVER                                  THERMOCLINE                               THERMOCLINE

I always find this whole lake turnover event fascinating having witnessed it a few times. If you don’t recognize it for what it is you will swear your seeing things as stuff bubbles up and the lake almost visibly swirls. Lakes also turnover in the Spring or early Summer (more good lake info)


Temperature Extremes & Fishing

Remember when your fingers were aching, then numb? The East wind cut through the layers. The ice formed in the guides. You actually, for a moment, wondered ‘how much longer’. (Upfront: My Son, Tony)

Come January, will you remember today’s temp?

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