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Fly Tying: Ostrich Herl (Gills)

I have had a liking for Ostrich Herl since I incorporated it into The Orb, a Callibaetis mayfly emerger pattern. Today, I came upon a pattern displayed at the Hatches fly tying forum in 2006, tied by Mihostanev. It is a perfect example of ostrich herl incorporated into the abdomen to suggest gills and/or just life. I intend to experiment with the pattern to tie some manner of Caddis larva/pupa for the upcoming October Caddis emergence this late Summer, into Fall.

Hatches Forum 2006, Caddis Larva by Mihostanev

We will see if I can set aside enough time to tie, and what my effort looks like when I am done! Ostrich herl ranks up there with peacock, marabou and (well the preferred list goes on and on).


Fly Tying: Ostrich Herl

I was experimenting with two kinds of ostrich herl here. I have used ostrich herl before for The Orb, a Callibaetis emerger pattern. I just thought the pic worth sharing for the qualities of this material. It would have a lot of life to it for a tail, for the gills along the abdomen or up in the thorax area for emerging wings or legs. Long strands incorporated into spey flies are frequently used for increased animation-agitation.


Fly Tying: Ostrich Herl

Ostrich herl is a great fly tying material. It can be used for an abdomen with pulsing gills or a lively thorax area. I have used it for the tails on The Orb.  It comes in assorted colors and barbules lengths.

Ostrich Herl Thorax & Ab w/ Krystal Flash Rib (SwittersB)

The Orb (Callibaetis Emerger)


ostrich herl for fly tying (wings, gills and tails)



Callibaetis Emerger

The Orb Callibaetis Emerger (Early Verson w/o Ostrich)

The Orb Callibaetis Emerger (Early Verson w/o Ostrich)~G. Muncy

This was an early version of The Orb. I still wanted the glowing gas bubble of the emerging adult I had observed on Oregon’s East Lake. I experimented with pheasant tail fibers for the tail and the backstrap ala the Skip Nymph seeking the dark over light abdomen. Later, I would replace the pheasant tail fibers with Ostrich feather fibers for more animation.

The Orb Emerger w/ Ostrich Instead of Pheasant Tail

The Orb Emerger w/ Ostrich Instead of Pheasant Tail~G. Muncy

Now, I know I might appear to be beating this pattern’s drum too much, but I believe in it’s successes and the concept based upon several observation periods of the pre hatch phase of the Callibaetis Mayfly. I believe there are several fine nymph patterns and emerger patterns for the Callibaetis. The Timberline Emerger comes to mind. I would only suggest that when the duns are coming off, fish the surface with this fine pattern or your version with the shimmering glass bead.   

The Orb's Possibilities

The Orb's Possibilities

Timberline Emerger~G. Muncy

Timberline Emerger~G. Muncy

Here PlanetTrout incorporates two positives of the glowing bead and the vertical in the film posture with The Bubble Boy:

Bubble Boy

All this gets close to the Callibaetis Nymphs I saw several inches below the surface glowing bright in the thorax and positioned diagonally. They emerged so quickly that it was hard to tell if they lingered in the film for a micro second. Either way, there is something here to explore for the stillwater fisher or anyone experimenting with mayfly emergers. 


The Orb (Callibaetis/Mayfly Emerger)

I have written about my creation, The Orb, several times. Before you know it, it will be time to be on the stillwaters and fishing to emerging Callibaetis. This pattern holds the promise to seduce subsurface trout.


I have been asked to post pattern/recipe for The Orb:

Your choice nymph hook; Size 14 (size 16 later in season)

A clear plastic bead strung onto hook

Tail: 3 Ostrich hackles tied in. Wire rib tied in (can be gold or Krystal Flash strand)

Body: 1-2 Ostrich hackles tied in at rear and wound forward to thorax area; wrap wire ribbing over Ostrich body for flash and support.

Thorax: small amount of  light brown UV Ice Dub, dubbed up to clear bead. I have used a couple of other dubbing w/flash but not too much.

Please use Search bar (upper right) and put in The Orb and Callibaetis. I remarked before how I witnessed on East L. (Oregon) the emerging nymphs just below the surface (top foot) hanging-bobbing at angle with just this glowing ‘Orb’ visible. They they emerged very quickly. This gave me the idea of the bead, which should help float the nymph (not too heavy a wire hook). You could go straight to a dry when you see the hatch…or some other emerger-dry type pattern. However, this pattern, with a floating line or an Intermediate would slowly present this pattern in the top several feet at the pre-emergence. Or a floating line with tippet greased to within a foot or less of the fly. Don’t use a metal bead…go light and stay in the zone. Good luck!!   




Callibaetis Emerger (The Orb~Please try it)


Not quite a year has passed since I started  promoting this pattern. I tied the fly, based upon earlier experiences on Oregon’s East Lake. I remarked upon the numerous glowing orbs I had seen as Callibaetis hovered just beneath the surface film in a diagonal posture. This emerger was tied in response, but, I only got to use it a few times last Summer. It was successful, but I really never got to repetitively fish over a Callibaetis hatch more than a couple times. The fly needs more use by others besides myself to see if it is as good as my initial assumptions. It fished well as a searching pattern some distance down and later in the film. But, it needs more exposure this coming season. I believe the ostrich body and tail, color and the Orb are key. The clear, buoyant bead I used, with a tinsel underwrap near the eye, is the most interesting part for me…hence the name. Please tie it and share your results once the Callibaetis or any other mayfly,I  suppose, are in full swing. I intend to try it on not only stillwaters, but streams as well. I will be anxious to see if the pattern is successful.  Let me know if it works, in the film and just beneath.   


Sexy Flyfishers (Progression of Appeal)

Ginger Rogers, 1942

Ginger Rogers, 1942

What a difference 66 years makes in what is considered hot. In 1942, Ginger’s gorgeous face and smile sealed the deal. Today, Candy shields the beautiful face from the elements and our gaze diverts. And, our mind is massaged with all manner of subtle ploys. And, no again, Candy was not the inspiration for The Orb, my Callibaetis Emerger pattern. I made up the name ‘Candy’…the subliminal inspiration I imagine.


Summer Steelhead Nirvana (they’re here)




The Orb's Inspiration? No

                                                                                                     The Orb’s Inspiration? No   to see more visit Buster

These guys seem to have an obsession for college football for some reason. Again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. ( Check out Buster et al and related blogs.   

Little Fort Leech & Fuzzy Dragon Deliver

This past Sunday, I was working the Little Fort Leech slow and low with the wind. I had had a successful morning picking up hatchery fish, but of no size.  I decided to switch from the heretofore successful Orb to the Little Fort Leech and to fish deeper water. My plan worked! The only one like it for the day. Yes, it is a hatchery fish, but it was a fiesty trout and for once my son, Tony, was not at the other end of the lake. So, I got a picture. Many fish were caught today, but this one will be added to my special moments. It barely made it into the net. The fish was quickly released and swam away with a strong flex of its’ tail. This fish was caught from a Cascade Mountains’ lake.   

Tony Muncy had an equally successful day and the above homely, little Fuzzy Dragon, in green, bug eyed and all, was a killer fly. Dragon flies came off for hours (not much else until an evening midge hatch) and the Fuzzy Dragon(s) were eventually torn to shreds. The fly accounted for dozens and dozens of trout. Also, productive patterns were The Orb, Prince Nymph, Calico Woolly Bugger, Lightning Bug, Lake Bait  and a lighter green leech pattern. The picture below is of a Lake Bait fly. This pattern was new to us and provided to Tony by a generous lady he met on the lake. He tried it and it was also a productive fly. Tied on a size 10 hook, it was a pretty big fly. You can see it is basically a fat Carey Special with hot red overwing and the Marabou/Chickabou tail. It worked well and that overwing really glowed.

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