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Salton Sea Origins

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tilapia-Salton Sea-North Shore-SwittersB

Tilapia along edge of Salton Sea near North Shore Marina


Dry Tilapia Arrangement…Salton Sea


Tilapia, the Invasive Choice


Michael Rupert Hayes, Hyco Reservoir, N.C.

The Issue
     "There are some serious trade-offs in aqualculture, evident in
the case of tilapia, one of a handful of fish breeds that are seen
as being the future of freshwater aquaculture.  The species is
highly carnivorous and its continued large-scale introduction could
contribute to the extinction of less aggressive, indigenous fish
throughout the world.  As aquaculturists recognize this and
research universities and institutes like the Consultative Group on
International Agricultural Research are experimenting with better
techniques and hybrids, development agencies such as USAID and the
World Bank continue to push for the spread of tilapia throughout
the world.  Tilapia is now being farmed in more than 85 countries. 
A lack of international and industry-wide regulation, coupled with
real food needs and implementing agencies' relative lack of concern
over species loss could mean that the destructive fish wins out in
a perhaps unnecessary trade-off between environmental, economical,
and food concerns." (more)

Well now, you can see that the U.S. has nothing to worry about the invasive nature of Tilapia in our waters. That’s their problem right?

Of course, those ever important and intrusive U.S. agencies, many have so much faith in, have been ever diligent to balance the habitat vs. entrepreneurial opportunities when it comes to Tilapia rearing. So fish farming of Tilapia is here in some degree. Where will those rearing ponds be in relation to waterways? The effort to farm Tilapia has been around in the U.S. for a good 15 years or more. On the Invasive Species List



Mayan Calendar, The Moon & Fly Fishing

 Mayan Doomsday predictions: “These include a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, severe solar storms associated with the 11-year solar cycle (which may peak in 2012), a reversal of Earth’s rotation axis, a 90- degree flip of the rotation axis, bombardment by large comets or asteroids, bombardment by gamma rays, or various unspecified lethal rays coming from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy or…” (goofballs & sillysocks) 

A Mayan Crop Circle…A True Indication of Things to Come

Well, obviously, one should not plan an outing on December 21, 2012. No Christmas shopping, office parties, or hitting the local rivers for some Steelhead or Sea going Browns. If nothing else, you should be ready anyway with your current survival kit of peanut butter, beans, gold and ammo. It should suit you just fine in the new post Mayan apocalypse. (For You Mayan Paranoid Smarty Pants)

Solunar Tables and Tidal predictions are an interesting concept for fishing. Of course, tide charts are instrumental in salt water and tide water strategizing. I wonder if they are for inland freshwater fishing (the moon phase aspect, I mean). I have fished under a full moon on a B.C. lake and remember it being quite excellent, that one time. I do believe barometric pressure is a far more significant indicator for fishing fluctuations. I have never been diligent enough to chart the weather conditions and changes when on the water. But, I wonder if any of you have and could offer input?

I still think Bora Bora or a similar island paradise is suitable place to hang out over the Christmas break just to avoid the goofballs. I mean by the time we get through this abysmal election cycle and weather all the BS of the politicians and Occupy ilk it well may seem the end is near.


Salton Sea Visit….Not Much To Show For It………

In the past, I have written about the Salton Sea from a fishing, environmental, photographical, historical perspective. I have alway found the stories of what was and what transformed the area most intriguing. Hopes, investments, homes, businesses inundated, abandoned or destroyed. What happened?

I had envisioned exploring the long abandoned roads that lead off toward the lake. I brought my little Pentax Optio, W60 camera, not much of a commitment toward photographic creativity for sure. This sign was the first thing I came to near the North Shore area. The store that went with the sign appeared abandoned at first...well, it wasn't. Actually, almost everything down this way has the abandoned look given the stark surroundings.

The store appeared abandoned at first. No cars. No sounds. An Open sign. No cars on the highway. The wind blowing hard off the lake (sea). We ventured inside to find a simple, low energy woman standing behind the counter. She matched the energy levels around her. The interior was much more tired than the exterior.... I asked for a map of the area. She reached beneath the counter and pulled out a map. A Salton Sea map with ink scratches on when you test to see if the pen still has ink. A partial names was scribbled on the face of the folded up map. 'How much?' 'Well let's says $1.50 on it so I guess that'll do'. We exited with the map, but had a feeling we had walked into time vacuum for a few minutes.

The $1.50 map was an older map. It bore glowing accounts of the marina's, fishing and bird life. What could have changed from 1993 to the present...19 years later?

I won’t suggest that I made some extensive foray around the Salton Sea. I didn’t allow enough time for that. I despite reading about it had no idea how vast it was. So, I stopped off at one spot to get out and take in the view, the smells, the flora and fauna.

The map was opened up on the hood of the car with two sets of hands making sure the vintage map did not blow away. I realized this was a bit of a whim adventure. I should have done more homework as to which side of the lake to explore. It is a pretty darn large body of which areas to explore should have been better researched by myself prior to just wandering off in a rental car.

I drove down into an area near North Shore. I was looking for some hint of the "Sunken City" notation I saw on the map. I ventured out of the car to explore the shoreline. Save my wife, there was not another person in sight...and she wasn't in sight for long given the smells. An odd combination of like low tide at the beach, dead fish, salt, rot.....just something not quite right with the earth & water was blowing my way. I could see old concrete pillars on shore, slabs of concrete, hundreds of dead Tilapia, hundreds of pelican feathers scattered amongst the salt/barnacle? encrusted rocks. I spent some time exploring up and down a spit of land. Not a car went by. There really wasn't much sign of life except for the pelicans bobbing on the sea in the distance.

There were so many of the Tilapia high and very dry amongst the rocks. Were they driven ashore by high waves? They didn't exhibit signs of being dined upon. Pollution?

The only sign of man in the area was this abandoned boat seat on the shore, with feathers and fish adornments.

In the end, I abandoned my Salton Sea exploration with a heavy dose of recrimination for not planning better. Retreating from the area I did what any common sensed person should do….I stopped for a Date Shake….one of the few ways I would ever eat dates.

And, so you don’t feel this was a total Salton Sea No Show here are a couple of very informative sites about the Salton Sea: one is about the origins of the Salton Sea and how man once again botched their well intentioned plans. The other is about Helen Burns, who led one wild West existence. Read both pieces and I think you will learn new things about the Salton Sea. Well done video too. Salvation Mountain +++…Interesting too.


Tilapia Recipes

Tilapia seem to be ever more in the forefront in ad campaigns. Saw the hearty NE fisherman for Gorton’s and the image of facing the harsh conditions to harvest from the sea’s bounty. What was the ad for? Tilapia Fish Sticks.  Obviously the new source for fish products. So, with that in mind, here are some recipes from the American Tilapia Association.


Tilapia (non-native species can take a fly and are tasty)



Tilapia Flies by 'Graham' @ talkflyfishing

Tilapia Flies by 'Graham' @ talkflyfishing

In South Florida, USA, the spotted tilapia (at least in the eyes of some biologists) has earned the ignominious distinction of not only being a rapidly spreading pest species, but having served as a ready-made argument for the state’s existing desire to introduce an additional exotic fish to the area. The piscivorous South American peacock cichlid, Cichla ocellaris, was introduced in the mid-1980’s, ostensibly in part to control populations of the abundant spotted tilapia. To what extent the peacock cichlid has been successful at controlling spotted tilapia or to what degree it has outperformed the native largemouth bass in this capacity is a matter of some debate. Certainly there are now two exotic fishes where once there was one and an ecological equilibrium between predator and prey appears to have been established. Populations of both introduced species are stable and an additional cichlid has joined the roster of introduced fishes in South Florida.”

Of course, make sure the water source is safe and not waste water, not that seems to matter to some non-fly fishers. Interesting Florida has intro’d Peacock Bass to help manage the Tilapia. I wondered why I was watching shows re fishing for Peacock in the canal. These fish seem akin to perch or bluegills and are supposedly tasty. If they could readily take a fly (can’t be any harder than a Carp) then a 2-3 wt. would be a sporting combo. I thought the flies above by Graham may have some other applications as well. 


China’s Fly Fishing (a warning for the under or is it over managed, “put and take” mentality)

Tilapia (Invasive in SE U.S.)

Tilapia (Invasive in SE U.S.)

BLEAK ALERT! Habitat, Habitat, Habitat!

“Unfortunately, I found that most of streams in Guizhou Province were
hopelessly polluted and devoid of life. And even though I consulted some of
my more proficient fishing buddies and the websites of several fly shops, I
have yet to find a fly that will hook the elusive Chinese mudsucker that
inhabits the ponds around here. The few times I have ventured out all I
have managed to catch are small, curious Chinese children.”

“I realized that if I were ever to catch any Chinese fish I would have to
give up my high-fallutin’ fly fishing ways and resort to Chinese methods.”

“When the Chinese fish, they really don’t like to give the fish a fair
chance. Each person has four or five rods and they chum the water with
bait. Not to mention that the ponds are really small and people line up
shoulder to shoulder around them. I’m sure to the fish, it must seem like
swimming around in a jungle of hooks and bait.”

“The Chinese would like to fish with automatic weapons, explosives, anthrax spores, and weapons of mass
destruction. Unfortunately, the expense and the fear of bodily harm keeps
them from doing this. Instead, they mostly fish with long, collapsible rods
with a bit of monofilament, a bobber, hook, and bait attached. None of this
reel silliness. The bait is usually pellets of what looks like guinea pig
food or a powder that is mixed with water to make a bread dough-like

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