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Fly Fishing: Know Your Valves

If you go buy a float tube or pontoon boat, be certain you buy a pump that matches the valve on your particular vessel. The are two common types of valves. The pump you may already own, may need an adaptor to fit the valve type of your new tube/’toon.

I have owned a K-Pump for several years and love the product. I always used it for the Buck’s Bags South Fork pontoon boat (Halkey Roberts Valve) I have owned, it seems forever. Recently, I picked up a Cumberland float tube, for an addition to my tube fleet. I was in the outdoors and went to inflate the tube and low and behold, the K-Pump did not fit the tube (Boston Valve). I rigged something up, because I had a hodge podge of adaptors and duct tape, and was able to inflate the tube, but it was a chore. When I got home, I reached the K-Pump staff and they explained they did in deed have an adaptor for my K-Pump so that I could easily inflate Halkey Roberts or Boston Valves. Great company!!! Do a little checking before your purchase/and or assume your K-Pump (or any pump) automatically  fits all valves.

Now a leaking valve is an entirely different subject all together.


Sexy D.I.Y. Tutorials: Stripping Your Glock


I had previously promised a quarterly tease, but less graphic than in the past. I do believe I am a good two quarters behind, so to speak. So, here is the link re field stripping your Glock and other Eye Handy D.I.Y. tips. The info just happens to be demonstrated by young ladies and great graphics. If you are anti-firearms or anti-sexy women then do not open the links. Do not venture forth. Pretty tame stuff…just interesting concept.


Fly Tying: Tippet Spool Tenders (Hair Ties)

Hair Ties Used for Tippet Tenders (SwittersB)

If you have ladies in your life with longer hair, you no doubt come across these little gems everywhere. On the floor, in beds, counter tops…they seem to be everywhere except in their hair. Well, as they inadvertently discard them, you should gather them and use them to wrap around tippet spools as the original rubber bands break. They work nicely on the Maxima size spools and even the smaller, more prevalent tippet spools.


Fly Tying: Mistakes to Note & Correct

As a beginning fly tier, you need to watch for some frequent mishaps that will detract from your patterns. You want to recognize them so they don’t become a habit. Even ‘impressionistic’ tiers, like my self, need to correct these for correct proportions, realism and durability. I have included some images of flies I have tied. Often, I will tie a half dozen to two dozen of a pattern. And, as I have said, the first few will not meet up to what the pattern needs to look like. And, they show, via the macro lens, what I am doing wrong. I like to share my mistakes or slips so you can have a visual guideline to avoid.

Above, you see (left to right): left fly- the head on the fly is too large because of too heavy of thread (6/0) and the beard is too long. The center fly is a proportion issue with the bead much too large. The right fly demonstrates the eye of the hook being over crowded and the lack of thread wraps will likely cause the wingcase over the top of the thorax to come untied. Use the smallest thread you can; proportion the size of components; don’t crowd the eye.

In this second sequence left to right: the tail is advanced slightly too far forward. The tail material will likely get wrapped around the bend of the hook and the fly will not present correctly. Also, the tail is slightly too long and the tail is canted away to the far side of the shank. In the middle the tail is again slightly too far forward and again pushed to the far side of the shank by thread torque. The forefinger/thumb pinch must not creep up the shank. Also, the pinch must stop the thread pulling the material to the far side of the shank as the thread is pulled over the top and down. Lastly, materials must be tied in along the shank and as lean as possible to avoid all the materials tied in at one point over the barb. This results in the ‘fat ass’ problem and prohibits the gradual taper toward the front.

Right size thread, small rear end, don’t crowd the eye, proportionment of materials, tail over the barb. These are common mistakes that hinder the start of the fly or the finish.


Cell Phone & Water (Possible Saving Moves?)


Popular Mechanics


“Finally, use a desiccant to wick away any leftover moisture. The most convenient choice is uncooked rice. Just leave the phone (and its disconnected battery) submerged in a bowl of grains overnight. If you’re worried about rice dust getting inside your phone, you can instead use the packets of silica gel that often come stuffed in the pockets of new clothes. But acting fast is far more important than avoiding a little dust….The most important thing to remember is to avoid heat. That means no hair dryers, ovens, microwaves or extended periods in direct sunlight. While heat will certainly evaporate the moisture, it could also warp components and melt adhesives…”   (more)


How Many Jelly Beans in the Jar???

How Many Jelly Beans? More or Less.


Can I just say thank you for the response, advice, support and satisfaction the visitors to SwittersB have provided? A passion, a diversion, a learning experience it has all been for me. One thing I know for sure, there are many gifted men and women out there that love the sport of fly fishing and fly tying. I have been pleased to share their wisdom, grace and wit along the way. I have mentioned before, I highlight the wisdom, innovation and wisdom of others. That creativity and my efforts to share along with a little of my own mutterings has hopefully generated a nice place for the new fly fisher or fly tier. I know it is a bit gauche (yes I had to look it up on how to spell it) to hype numbers. It is akin to bragging on how many fish we have caught. It is a yardstick, of sorts, that measures interest, even if not totally accurate. Thanks to all for visiting and contributing.


Duct Tape: How To Reposition Duct Tape (Soap & Slide)

How to freely move duct tape to get the correct position: “Get a small spray bottle and fill with water.  Next add a small amount of liquid dish soap (about 1 tsp/ liter).  Mix.  Spray this lightly on the surface you are going to apply your tape to….” DuctTapeNation  (Less Duct Tape and more or is it less fabric?)

“Use this simple rule: If it’s not stuck and it’s supposed to be, duct tape it!….Duct tape sticks best to itself (if this happens to you, throw the piece away and start over). Duct tape sticks worst to wet stuff.”  DuctTapeGuys

Professional Photography

Amateur Photography


Looking Out for Your Safety in a Risky Situation…Semper Paratus!

C Cup Innovation

Dollar Tree Store Redo


SwittersB Spreading The Word For ‘the moment’

I am not given to self promotion. Starting this blog, at the time, seemed overtly self promotional. But, then I reconsidered given my blog’s purpose….to stimulate interest in fly fishing and fly tying primarily for beginners. So, I did the previously unthinkable…


Yep, and I don’t sell or promote anything that will put a penny in my pocket. Simply spreading the word and hopefully the passion for our great sport. The ‘moment’ is understood by us all.


Duct Tape (Must Have For First Aid Emergency Care and apparently many other reasons)


ductape_1How far back does duct tape factor into your outdoor experience? When I was young, my dad did the setup of camp and the maintenance of camp through torrential rainstorms and winds. This was pre-light weight tarps and bungy cords. This was heavy canvas tarps, rope and burdened tent poles bearing the weight of pools of water on the canvas tarps. Somehow my ever resourceful dad started incorporating duct tape into camp repairs in the late 50’s/early 60’s. The inevitable tears and rips were repaired with silver duct tape. Silver duct tape wrapped and covered all manner of damage..even torn Converse hi-tops and low quarters. Now, you can get duct tape in different colors and widths. A must have for an emergency kit and apparently used for all manner of issues.     

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