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Fly Tying: The Intriguing Back Asswards Dry Fly

I like the idea of this pattern and have seen it around by others. I have tied maybe a half dozen and honestly not tested them enough to cast doubt or praise. A couple other more notable fly fishers have some opinions….

Tom Chandler at TroutUnderground has a detailed 2010 piece on this concept here….and Mick Hall of Kossiedun has put some effort into the reverse concept as well. Roy Christie has done a lot of work with it as well. Intriguing design concept though for certain. The three notables offer some inspiration here for experimentation. You don’t have to use the name I coined above.

Emerging Lambda "Compressed" Dun by Mick Hall


John Gierach and Tom Chandler Interview

Gierach & Chandler: I really liked reading this interview. Often you read a blog post and take away one or two enjoyable nuggets of information or inspiration…the nature of blog posts/time restraints, life!, I think. But, this interview was enjoyable on several levels, for me..  TU Gierach-Chandler    Revealing, honest, clarifying. 


Fly Fishing: TMI & Numbness?

This small but meaningful post at TU does resonate. Running a blog of any size is a drain in itself re trying to be meaningful, real and discoverable. Beyond that, I for one, am saturated at all levels with too much information about everything. Frankly, the escape route is obvious. The worth obvious. No one even needs to know. Go wet a line and get lost in the moment.

“While the Internet freed our tiny fly fishing demographic from the shackles of a hidebound fly fishing media, might it also be rewiring our brains – and making it harder for us enjoy our time on the river?     Maybe.”    Tom Chandler at TU


Fly fishing and ‘the moment’ (for real…….)

“The result was a fishing trip where you stop your pursuit of trout every few minutes to appreciate what you’ve submerged yourself in, and even then you still can’t quite grasp it.” Tom Chandler in a piece for

CelticTreeOfLife04I once had the time (10 years), the shifts and the lack of commitments to fish two to four times a week. I purposely took M/Tu’s off and often hiked the rivers alone and often in sync with my surroundings. Family, work/’success’ took away those schedules and now I am more like Chandler’s statement; partly wanting to pinch myself that I am free to attempt to get in sync. My home water is in my mind. I go there often. I need to, at some point, in this AARP time frame go there, on a more regular basis, for real.

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