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‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list’ Susan Sontag

Departing Portland, Oregon on a recent trip. Willamette River below.


Aged Tires: A driving hazard?

Aged Tires: A driving hazard? A video about tires that if they’re old are they safe? A few more stats would have helped.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Ladies Fishing (Fly Fishing Experienced in N.E. England)

“Ladies fishing are a group of ladies who enjoy fishing. We’re not a club so we don’t charge a membership,  we arrange trips and divide the cost between the number of women on the trip and there’s no commitment to regularly attend. We normally have between 6 to 12 women per trip, keeping the numbers down ensures that everyone gets the chance to have individual one to one tuition (if required),  we have equipment for women to use free of charge. The opportunity to develop fishing friendships with other females, we understand that women juggle busy lives and have many commitments.” LadiesFishingBlog

Room for More Ladies? I'm Quite Sure (Ladies Fishing, N.E. UK)

Seems such a natural way for women to gather as mentors or just friends and to share the fishing experiences and camaraderie. How many more women would enjoy such an experience? Several I’ve met. And, less the baggage of a ‘club’ and all the organizing and structure, etc. Just a natural flow of positive support amongst friends. Thanks to Anne for reaching out to SwittersB.  I like the hats!


Coyote v. Car (The Only Good Coyote is a Dead….Well Now Wait One Minute…or 8 Hours)

“Meet the wiliest of all coyotes: Hit by a car at 75mph, embedded in the fender,road for 600 miles – and SURVIVED! When a brother and sister struck a coyote at 75mph they assumed they had killed the animal and drove on. They didn’t realize this was the toughest creature ever to survive a hit-and-run. Eight hours, two fuel stops, and 600 miles later they found the wild animal embedded in their front fender – and very much alive.

Daniel and Tevyn East were driving at night along Interstate 80 near the Nevada-Utah border when they noticed a pack of coyotes near the roadside on October 12. When one of the animals ran in front of the car, the impact sounded fatal so the siblings thought there no point in stopping. ‘Right off the bat, we knew it was bad,’ Daniel explained. ‘We thought the story was over.’ “

COYOTE V. CAR (Photo’s)

No, I am not touchy feely about varmints, but I do have to give this one the animal survival award for this year. And, for those that are quick to remark on your favorite varmint round, this is pretty impressive….give the dog his due.


Toyota Floor Mats and Stuck Accelerators (Toyota Recall…)

Toyota to recall 3.8M vehicles over floor mats

“….the inquiry was prompted by a highspeed crash in August in California of a Lexus barreling out of control. As the vehicle hit speeds exceeding 120 mph, family members made a frantic 911 call and said the accelerator was stuck and they couldn’t stop the vehicle.”

This is an urgent matter,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement. “For everyone’s sake, we strongly urge owners of these vehicles to remove mats or other obstacles that could lead to unintended acceleration.”

The recall will affect 2007-2010 model year Toyota Camry, 2005-2010 Toyota Avalon, 2004-2009 Toyota Prius, 2005-2010 Tacoma, 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra, 2007-2010 Lexus ES350 and 2006-2010 Lexus IS250 and IS350.


Illcentrifugal (mentally on the road again………..)

Arizona Beauty~Illcentrifugal


Arizona Beauty~Illcentrifugal



Fly Fishing’s Downtime (Between the camp and the lake)

I have never been one to get out on a lake at first light. Surprises me as I am on a river at 0-dark-30 for salmon, steelhead, trout. But, for a stillwaters I am in no hurry. If I am on the lake by 9:00am I am doing fine. So, I like the early morning. The sun cresting a ridge top bringing warmth to the face, removing the morning chill. I usually sit with a cup of coffee, smoking my briar, camera nearby and just take in the calm. Few people up. Maybe one boat on the lake. One or two old timers sitting in their folding chairs lake side watching their ‘poles’. It is during this time of low angled light that I observe the possibilities for photo’s. I do not dilly dally with the set up or settings. I just snap and hope for the best in my undisciplined way.






OFFB (Can You Feel The Energy??)

fry pan toss

Winter is on the wane. Runoff is evident and anticipation is heightened. No where is this more evident than at the OFFB, where the advance assault is afoot and the photo’s depict the energy after a bundled up Winter.  If you check out the OFFB site, see if you don’t agree that you feel the energy. The pictures are not static; they seem alive and energizing….come on Rip Van Winkle..get out there and watch the high water.


Woodpecker Wonderland Bird Festival (camp Sherman, Oregon June 5-7th)


For  the birders amongst you in the Pacific NW and beyond,  you could find few locales as beautiful as the Camp Sherman area on the Metolius River  in Oregon. The second annual Woodpecker Wonderland Bird Festival will have speakers and tour events.   



Visualizing and Inhaling the images (Spain’s Bounty)




Rainbow's Illusions~Thanks to Larry Tamiyasu-Oregon

Rainbow's Illusions~Thanks to Larry Tamiyasu-Oregon


Self talk, self correction, self motivation, self control…all about self isn’t it. You deserve self. Why the hell not….

‘In my impatience — wading hastily and too far between casts — I spooked a trout close in by the bank. I did not see it until it shot out into the main current. Then I spooked another, almost underfoot. I stopped for half a minute and talked to myself.’

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