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How Do Trout Take A Fly?

“So how do trout feed? I delved into my own fishing book library, the public library, and searched the Internet. How much information did I get? Very little indeed. There are literally thousands of books on what, where and when trout feed, but very little that I could find on how trout feed.  What information I could find confirmed that trout do feed by ‘engulfing’ their prey,…” Bish & Fish re the take  

This Trout took a streamer that was being stripped back in a hurry. There was no doubt of the take….the actual ‘how’ can be better explained by Bish. I know that during a day’s fishing, I often ‘miss’ quite a few takes. The why’s of that have been open to speculation (retrieval speed, fly design, ‘far sighted’ fish). Seems the possibilities are endless on the how’s, or are they?


Fly Fishing: Fish Cone of View (Presentation Awareness)


This is one of the more intriguing parts of dry fly fishing and how to approach rising fish. The cone of view is not just relevant to how the fish sees the fly/insect, but also how that fish can see you, your rod and zipping line at times.  The deeper the fish is the bigger the cone of view to the surface and to the sides (consider your rod tip and upper body as potentially visible). This is why you will see fly fishers often depicted as crouching stream/lake side to avoid detection via their movements.  Truly, the beginner will learn over time as fish are spooked. Eventually, a holding/cruising fish will challenge you to slow down, reconsider your presentation and hold your breath.

Cone of View/Window @ TalkFlyFishing


Fly Fishing: Trout’s Color Perceptions

Jerry at Trout U~Fish Smarter writes a thought provoking piece re a trout’s color perceptions relative to water clarity. Worth a look see and an experiment or two.

1. Trout do indeed have color vision, but it is limited to relatively clear, shallow, water and short distances, so at close range, the trout can see the full detail of color.
2. Trout can discern differences in shades with the highest in blue, then red and then green shades.
3. The color red appears brighter than it does to humans, but quickly becomes black at greater distance.
4. The ability to detect color is greatly impaired and completely eliminated within 12 feet.
5. Impurities in the water or stained water makes colors less significant, but under these conditions, white will remain the best.
6. In the low light conditions of dawn or dusk, trout can not distinguish color. Black, then, becomes the most visible.

I highlighted a similar piece in April of 2008 that is equally interesting entitled Trout’s Vision…The Ultralight Factor.

The Universe’s Spectrum and the place of Green…interesting too.


Woolly Bugger (Claret Is My Jinx Color) Can They Even See It??

Claret Bugger~Unrequieted Love, SwittersB

Claret Bugger~Unrequited Love, SwittersB

Woolly Buggers. A proven pattern in black, green, brown, yellow, and claret. Claret? Always a recommendation. Listen to a Chan. Listen to my accomplished stillwater friends. ‘What did you catch it on?’ “A maroon bugger’. Maroon, Burgundy, Claret no matter, the darn color does not work for me. I fish it like a bugger, not some bloodworm. Nothing. I always have a half dozen with me. Again, a proven color. Not for me.Why? Not sure. I have given it a fair try many times from B.C. to Oregon. Not one damn fish. Big, small, standard Bugger, or dubbed…the color fails me.  Can they see it? It moves and waves…it satisfies my impressionistic code. Impossible my friends say. You aren’t fishing it right. I fish it like I fish black, or green. Nada. Bizarre. It will remain in the box because sure as hell I will need it someday.   

Notice the above pattern for one detail, which no fish has thus far tested in this color, the reinforcing rib is wound up through the hackles to lend support to the palmered hackle should the fish teeth tatter the poor offering. No way in hell with claret….but of value in productive colors. 

Trout Vision may be the culprit…that gap in their vision. Maybe I do have to use a scent attractant?  


Borger’s FF podcasts via Mountain River Journal

rising_rainbow_em-a1Fish Vision

The Mountain River Flyshop out of Cotter, Arkansas operates a blog at Mountain River Journal. This podcast by Borger is an example of great learning tools for the beginner or more experienced as well. A very good blog site…visit it often.  (

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