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Spey Tying & Fishing: The Under Employed Rebels


Fisheads Flies 'n Lore

Via Spey Heads (FB) for Fish Heads Flies and Lore

Indulgent individualism? Rebels without a care? Whatever, they help tweak the realm, even if you hate them, envy them, support them. Sometimes fish bums are akin to foodies, the well traveled, the spoiled few….you want to just slap the shit out of them. Then again, you like knowing them too.



Fly Tying: Tube~sense


Tube Fly Mounting Needle (SwittersB)

Good overall tube tying tutorial @ Global FF.


Fly Tying: Hackle Tip Flippers or Attractors

A couple years back, I wrote about a tube fly pattern for salmon that had ‘flippers’ as fluttering attractors. I recently came upon a similar attractor concept for a pattern tied by Brian Størup called a Potty PigBoth patterns utilize a hackle stem with most of the barbs stripped away and leaving a tip that with resistance must flutter about. This is a leaner appearance than many steelhead/tube patterns. This is worth a look see.

Brian Størup Potty Pig

Note the badger hackle tips (tails) extending back. In the pattern below the shorter ‘flipper’ would provide the same fluttering attraction and is from a hackle tip trimmed.


Fly Fishing: Contrast to the Winter’s Grey


Winter Contrast by TMuncy (SwittersB)

Torque Moment (TMuncy@SwittersB)


Fly Fishing: Where & Tear Tools

Jason Osborn Searching (T. Muncy)

Tube Fly Tony Muncy (SwittersB)

Spey Fly Tony Muncy (SwittersB)

Tony Muncy Ties (SwittersB)


Fly Fishing: Switching Rods

I have a collection of traditional one handed fly rods. I have come to enjoy 3 wts. more and 6 wts. less. For steelhead and salmon, I have a collection of 9′ rods in the 8 wt. to 10 wt. range. And, of course plenty of reels, spare spools and all the lines to match. Like most addictions, I don’t compute the cost, the price, the toll. Denial and gratification.

So, when I first went spey casting in the early 90’s on the Deschutes R. it was a novel experience swinging a telephone pole about and yes when I didn’t wrap the line around me and embed the barbed hook in some part of my attire, I did launch that fly a respectable distance…and as they say, farther than I could with a conventional single handed rod. As much as that must irritate the hell out of an excellent single handed caster…the formula remains even for him/her….they too would out distance their selves with a two hander.

So, I bit. I have a couple of spey rods. The initial mid range priced telephone pole; heavy and ponderous. I should shop it to a local high school track team for the pole vault. Next I sprung for an Echo set up and it has been beautiful. Perfect. Of course, along comes the next phase of switch rods. Why do I resent this? Why don’t I embrace it?

A dose of random, temporary guilt. So little time, so little opportunity. Some ancient genetic makeup inserts itself of late…’make do’ …’you don’t use what you have’….’you have a nice spey rod, learn how to use the damn thing’. So, for you fly fishers without a compass toward restraint…the switch rod might be the new tool in the arsenal. I have linked to a couple nice articles by Greg Nielsen at Shasta Trout that give a good overview of switch rods. The pieces were written several years ago, so the weapon has been around awhile. I know several youngsters dominating the mid-size river chrome circuit with switches. They seem particularly well suited to mid size streams streams with big fish. Any stream for that matter.


Fly Tying: Spey Flies (Slut Beads & a Stinger)

Last night, Tony Muncy spent some time tying and eating some BBQ’d steelhead with friends. Fly tying is most often a singular pursuit at home. When enjoyed with a few others, whether indoors or out, it is enjoyable and often fruitful in what you learn and share. The following pics are a couple patterns’ dissected parts.

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