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Cooking: Fried Steak

When I was a kid there was not a BBQ in our family. Steaks were cheap cuts and maybe cooked in oven under the broiler, spattering and bursting all over. More often they were fried on the stove top. Seems odd these days when many have gas grills on the back deck or charcoal BBQ’s. Of course, the ‘old’ way is still an option (outside of restaurants):



This may take you back a bit, the smells of fried food in the house? Eventually, my dad acquired the charcoal BBQ and steaks were no longer cheaper cuts, but T-Bones (our tradition) or other good cuts suitable for family celebrations. For most of my young life, cuts of beef were a treat. Even Round Steak was a treat.


Fly Tying Expo’s (Some Thoughts For the Beginner)

First and foremost, I appreciate every tying expo I have been to. I spent a few years driving my son, Tony, to them when he was the obligatory youth tier (albeit a darn good tier). So, I appreciate the mental~practical preparation involved.

As a beginning fly tier, I encourage you to attend these shows and most importantly do not be shy. I normally walk in and walk the circuit making a quick assessment of types of flies being tied. Now some would say not to eliminate any style of tie. Your choice. I look for the type of flies I will most often fish and want to learn more about. So, I look for trout flies and steelhead tube flies. You may look for bass flies and Atlantic Salmon artists, or Realistic Fly Designers (my designations).

As I said, do not be shy. You are there to learn. They are there to teach, clarify and inspire. If a chair is open sit down or get close. They aren’t selling anything so don’t walk on by. Take notes. Take their cards for later study or commercial contacts. If a tier is busy gabbing with friends or telling stories and not tying move on. Keep looking for the type of flies you are most interested in.

Ask ‘how to’ questions: ‘can you do that whip finisher move a bit slower?’ ‘what kind of feather is that?’ Some tiers are tying to knowledgeable tiers and may whiz by stages, so feel free to ask questions. It is a very open venue….or should be. The NW Fly Tying Expo in Albany, Oregon, I just went to, was a perfect match for most of my interests. Maybe a bass fly fisher would say different, I don’t know.

Another thing I noticed, and liked, the tiers run the gamut of human nature: the tiers were in various ways precise, scattered, anal, disorganized, gregarious, shy, gruff…the full range. They tied great flies and with all the varieties of styles, personalities and patterns. I think you will enjoy these shows and as I did take away tips and techniques I had forgotten or never seen before. Thanks to those that organize these shows and the tiers (and, vendors).

“You take 186 tyers, plus 160 volunteers,” Sherry Steele said. “And to have that many people step up to the plate, that’s really great. It’s huge.”    Statesman Journal


Fly Tying: WFF Hairball

Justin Carroll @ Winona Fly Factory turns out yet another innovative, enticing pattern. You have to love Bead Head Pupa patterns. Nice tutorial/SBS piece here on the WFF Hairball. Cat fur is not a bad material, if they enjoy that comb raking through their sides and back… purr away kitty.


WFF Hairball by Justin Carroll at Winona Fly Factory




Fly Tying: Classic Wet Wing & Ribbed Hackle

Nice SBS tutorial here on assembling a winged wet fly and the reverse wrapped hackled body with the ribbing material securing the hackle. The technique of wrapping the hackle front to back and wrapping the ribbing forward over the hackle to bind it down has been used in the Elk Hair Caddis. Most often the the hackle is wrapped rear to front, but her is another option at Flytiers.Pl


Ginger Wickham's Fancy Wet Fly STS




Continuous Chest Compression CPR


Continuous Chest Compression CPR


Fly Tying: Iantra’s Copper John Tutorial

The Copper John has surpassed, in some people’s assessments, the Gold Ribbed Hares Ear (GRHE) and the Pheasant Tail Nymph (PTN) as the most popular, worthy mayfly nymph imitation. The Bulgarian flyfishing site Iantra has a nice tutorial/SBS on tying the Copper John

Copper John Nymph @ Maine Fishing Today


Fly Tying:Matarelli Whip Finisher w/ Joel La Follette

The Matarelli Whip Finisher on Vimeo on Vimeo

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