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Spey Casting: Snap T into Double Spey….Ripping


Ripping & Pivoting Toward a D Loop (Snap T Kind of.....)


Fly Fishing: Spey’s Crossed Path’s

I am by no means an expert or even well versed with spey casting. I’ve been dabbling with it for a few years and I mean dabbling. It feels good. I certainly see the possibilities; even at my level.  One thing I am working on is holding more steady with the upper, fulcrum hand and steering, developing speed with the lower hand. Years of waving that strong arm side around with a single hander has me programmed to do it all with the right and over ride the significance of the bottom hand. Yet another thing to work on. I love it! There really is a life time’s worth of skills to attempt to master and maintain with fly fishing.

TMuncy Fishing~Practicing the Movements (SwittersB)


Fly Fishing: Contrast to the Winter’s Grey


Winter Contrast by TMuncy (SwittersB)

Torque Moment (TMuncy@SwittersB)


Spey Casting Technique: Jan Erik Granbo

Fluekastekurs på Storstuu Winsnes arrangert i mai 2010 med Jan Erik Granbo som instruktør. Se også vår hjemmeside

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Steelheading & the Loop



TM with Loop (SwittersB)


“The first thing is you need to carry a substantial loop, not just several useless inches as I see a lot of people fishing with. You want the loop to be at least the length of a fair-sized steelhead, say, 30 to 36 inches. Cut this in half and you get a loop hanging 15 to 18 inches below your reel. That length is usually sufficient, but I sometimes use more.” (excerpt from Dec Hogan’s book @ Midcurrent)

Present day: a must have book. Along with John Larison’s


Fly Fishing: Hell Yeah!

Tuned Up & Ready (AIRFLO) SB

“Understand that Skagit lines are designed to throw sink tips and Scandi lines are designed to throw leaders. Because some sinking poly leaders look like sink tips it is easy to confuse the two, even though they are much different. If you were to put a poly leader (even a heavy sinking) on a Skagit line the performance will be sub par. The reason is how the energy is transferred to the attached tip.” Metalheads (more)

Jay Nicholas of Caddis Fly Shop further explains more


Spey Fly Fishing: No Abracadabra Here (Feeling the Fit)

Feel Good Tool (SwittersB) Spey Rod/Reel

“The whole “fit and feel” issue dominates the forums, with every third question being “what should I use with my ..” – so I’m in good company. I’m just disappointed that every other response involves someone’s mother – making the learning process painstaking slow as chaff is sorted from wheat, and opinions are isolated from ego.” Singlebarbed on Spey Kungfu

The how to’s of this endeavor are difficult to sort out. Mr. Barton touches on the core issue for many a novice entering this new arena….the inner circle seemingly holds the keys to the kingdom of knowledge and are hesitant to share. The why’s are another issue. The reality is unless you know someone (I have been fortunate to know Matt McCrary, who graciously endures novices) it is likely you will waste considerable money and time before feeling the right outfit is in your hands. The forum world can be pretty daunting as novice offends alpha’s. Singlebarbed tries to help with that learning curve to make a better, informed decision.

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