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Fly Tying: Ulf Hagstrom Reminds Us……….

“But one thing I know for sure and that is that the only thing that really matters is for everyone to have fun with what they are doing, if we start tying only to gain acceptance and awe from others then the fun will sooner or later dissapear, I’ve learned this the hard way. Tie flies, experiment with it, share with others and make friends, that’s the way to do it!” A nice reminder at Ulf’s Blogspot’s Thoughts section.

Why do we tie? Most often, the obvious, to catch fish. To trick the fish with our own creations. But, also some of us tie to receive praise from our peers. We tie to create something so unique that we are branded, it is branded with a name known world wide in fly fishing circles. I am spared this urge because as Dirty Harry said..’a mans got to know his limitations’….I know mine. I share not because my ties are great, but because I think they will catch a fish and I know someone will improve on them in appearance. In the end, we usually turn toward privacy or intimate shared experiences for ‘the moment’ when our creations…the good, the so so…do the deed. Oh, and that translates into fun and fun equals health and happiness. Tie for you and relax your brow.


Pike’s (No, Not Pike Street Market in Seattle….) Predators

I know nothing more about Pike fishing than they look evil and arouse the predatory, retaliatory urge in me. That said, far better, if you live in the lands of Pike, to be familiar with two notable experts in the field, who are amazing tiers and gifted chroniclers. Must be the latitude.

Simon Graham (Finland) at Pike Fly Fishing Articles and Ulf Hagstrom (Sweden) at 700 Teeth tie some amazing creations to provoke the slash. Check them out at their sites. If you are of a mind, they are both at FB also.


Check out Jiri Bohdal’s exceptional images at Naturfoto

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