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thankful for the blessings…

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Chaos…a brew for the bad absolutes of chains?

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”   Nietzsche

Ah, the existentialist and chaos seekers rent the fabric of absolutes to free themselves of restraints, of the confines of judgement, to absolve themselves for freedom, no the need, to explore the dark side, the far side, the unknown. And, when we all do it, the guiding stars become ever more illusory. Ultimately we witness the chaos that we are now conditioned to not judge. Improper to judge because by what tablet would you judge it?

Chaos and seeming freedom versus order, restrictions, and yes judgement. Seems to be a lot of judgement still going on even by those that decree there are no absolutes? Somewhere all this searching for answers, self awareness, clarity, harmony will not be found in the chaos of relativism. We must stop excusing, justifying, condoning chaos when we see it.

Promoters of chaos maybe seek absolutes far more confining than those we ran from in our youth. Seek the stars, deny the chaos of agitators and the elixir of statism. Simply said, kindly meant. Ah, there I go again.



Excellent Movie: Father Takes a Walk


Paul Graetz, the father, was a superb actor.

A message movie from 1935, Father Takes a Walk (aka: Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk) is the equal of It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) for conveying a message that clarifies life, giving, heart, self discipline, freedom and family. Try to find a little bio about the movie and there is little. But, I just watched this movie on TCM and truly it is a beautiful movie. In light of today’s obnoxious, obscene anti-semitism rearing its ugly, bigoted face…shame on you!…this movie challenges you, if you are a bigot or cold hearted, to see the honor of integrity, pride, love, family and compromise without labels. No images seem available for the movie…hmmm? Whatever, if you can ever see this movie and you walk the talk of tolerance, love, freedom and ‘coexist’… it! Well done!

Handshake by Hourglassthorne on Deviantart

Handshake by hourglassthorne @ deviantart


Sagging in the Middle

Sagging in the middle, seems to be the inevitable in life. Here an old garage had the walls constructed with tongue and groove, a staple of siding. Only the middle gave out. No doubt a foundation issue. Isn’t it always the foundations, the core in life, that gives out?

Sagging beams, sunken foundations, acceptance of decline, turning away from seemingly insurmountable decay. Only certain people possess the skills to fix, rebuild, repair, envision change, fix the foundations, return to the original intent.

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