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Fly Tying: Condom Worm 2 (I Promise This Is It)

I tied a few of these this weekend and received a comment (Josh McFadden @ that I shouldn’t use an under layer of chenille, or anything but flattened lead and multiple layers of the wrapped condom. I experimented, based upon those suggestions, and it was a better result. Also, I used an orange condom rather than red (I haven’t tried the Vladi Pink). I liked the color potential here. The darker central portion was the securing thread wraps over the flattened lead. After quite a few thread wraps the black thread shows through. If I wanted to lose that affect, I might choose a different color thread. Not sure I want to.

Condom Worm (Orange Condom) SwittersB

Condom Worms (Bent Shanks) SwittersB


Woven Bodies, Ugh!! (Polish weave)

Woven Emerger Effort by SwittersB

Woven Emerger Effort by SwittersB

A Woven Mess by SwittersB

A Woven Mess by SwittersB

So, there was 30 minutes of my life for two half assed flies. They look so so but, I fumble flupped around alot! My vise kept moving (secure vise…I was using pedestal), I relaxed the tension at inopportune times like when my nose itched. The pattern does look cool, but it would take a lot of practice on my part to knock these out at a respectable rate. They both seemed to peter out up near the thorax…not sure why. A reasonable start, Iguess   


Czech or Polish or ??? nymphing (historical development of great flies)

Drifting Czech Nymph

Drifting Czech Nymph

 “From what I can gather the Czech Nymph has been around since the mid Seventies.I wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to who invented the original but I suspect it was developed as an alternative to dead-drifting weighted spiders. Originally, I presume they were tied as a general representation of shrimp,caddis etc. The most important thing is too keep profile slim which helps sink rate. This was achieved by using square-cut lead.With todays materials the worlds your oyster.”

“The Czech method requires flies that will sink rapidly, such as heavy and slim Czech nymphs. These nymphs imitate caddis larvae or gammarus.”


San Juan Worm (no pink condoms? OK, 2nd. best)

San Juan Worm

San Juan Worm

San Juan Worm

San Juan Worm










I have previously highlighted the Vladi Worm/Pink Condom Fly. I think it is the perfect creation for a heavily weighted point fly while dredging the bottom, ala Czech or Polish Nymphing. The traditional version of the San Juan Worm is unweighted, save the hook and the usual split shot is most often used to sink the fly. The addition of the beads is akin to any bead head fly..added weight, a little flash and more efficient at sinking and tumbling the fly.

So, if you just can’t find those pink condoms or some form of pink latex, then stay with the San Juan Worm and mix up the chenille colors. The link below is informative on how to tie a simple variation of the SJW. A little banjo music included.


Polish, Czech, Euro Nymphing (Dredging w/ Short Line)


I know this is not a secret technique or new revelation. The flies and technique have been around for many years. But, things in flyfishing are sometimes rediscovered and that is the case with Cz nymphing, Cz nymphs and Polish woven nymphs. The presentation is a bit intense, born out of competition to outfish your opponent. But, honestly. aren’t we often caught up in that intense focus to outfish someone, catch the bigger fish, remark about how many we have caught so far, etc. And, don’t we all talk about relaxing and taking in the sights and sounds and not bringing the frenetic intensity of work to our recreation? So, slow down and use the technique and just fish a little slower. Ha! Right, you’ll slow down until your predatory instinct (you still have it don’t you?…hopefully you have not been sissyfied..gender/neutered yet) sets in. Anyway, let me yet again reinvent the wheel re this technique and fly style.   

I love the looks of the Cz and Pol Nymphs and the aesthetics of the curved shank hook. Would a straight shank hook work or just the basic heavy stone fly work? Yes, I am sure they would. Just find the correct water flow and work it with the 2-5′ of fly line out the tip of the rod and the muti-fly laden leader. But, there is just something pleasing about the Euro flies and their ‘buginess’ cannot be denied.

The flies are heavily wrapped or molded with weight, which causes the fly to drift point up, much like a bonefish fly. This, theoretically, should cause less snags. Given the method of dredging along the bottom with the shorter line, there will be hang up and ticks along the way. As they have preached, if you aren’t losing flies you aren’t fishing.

This was the ‘secret’ weapon of Polish and Czech flyfishers, supposedly developed because the East Euro flyfishers did not have sophisticated gear so the ‘pole & string’ set up was common, which relied upon a short flipping action with a short line. Stealth is required and timing of the dredging, dragging, swinging action must be a focused action. This compared to the US method of strike indicators and longer hinged lines or the Spanish Nymphing method of a lobbed longer section of fly line and long leader (10-15′) (no false casting, just swing to the rear, load, lob and shoot), which is also dredged along but farther out. 

Some sites to provide info re presentation, tying pattern and equipment:

Vladi Trzebunia,  Oliver Edwards, Jan Siman: Research their works regarding the techniques.

Picture is of Polish Nymphs. Look below for pic of colorful Cz Nymph. Also, link above re Siman shows tying technique for Cz Nymph. Really, the technique/presentation is the critical element here. You can still use Prince, Hare’s Ear, Zug Bug, Copper John or your favorite stone fly pattern to follow this suggested pattern.

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