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Fishing: Recycling your waders….

Saw this idea at Deneki Outdoors & Epic Angling where one takes your leaking (can’t salvage them) boot foot/stocking foot waders and cut off the neoprene boots. Now you have an industrial strength set of rain pants/bibs that while worn with rubber boots will out do any typical pair of bibs. Great idea. I have an old pair of Simms Guides that will soon fall into this category.


Photo @ Epic Angling


Photography: “Can’t You Hide That Damn Pouch?”

I have worn this pair of Simms Guide Waders for years. In all of fishing, the greatest purchase I have ever made was a pair of Gore-Tex waders that replaced the old grape skin neoprene waders. The second purchase of note was switching to an Intermediate Clear line for lakes….

But anyway, my wife is often sizing up my unkempt appearance while we fish for photo ops. One aggravating site apparently is the pouch on my waders. It is meant to be flipped inward against the chest, but I have always had it outside the waders to access any number of items. And, as a result it shows the wear of time.

pocket out stained swittersb

I mean it does show some stains from floatants, wet pipe tabacco, sweat, fish slime and water.

I mostly carry pipe tobacco, pipe, lighters, strike indicators, split shot, and other oddities in the pouch. It is just so handy. Some how it gets soiled.

Pouch3 SB


pouch 2 SB

pouch1 SB

Personally, I think it is part of the charm to wear well worn attire on the water. I mean it doesn’t smell too bad, and I can’t really see it. So, what’s the fuss about.


Every Day in May Challenge: Waders (Old, Stained & Yellowed)


The best purchase I have ever made in all my years of fly fishing. No rod, no reel, no vest, no pack, nothing equals the purchase of my Gore Tex waders quite a few years ago. Closely associated are the best possible boots to go with them. Getting out of those old, foul, smelly, tight, ugly neoprene waders, a supposed improvement over the old rubberized wader of old, was the best thing I ever did.

 Dirtied, soiled, stained…’rode hard and put away wet’ my Simms waders (you can pick your own non-neoprene, Gore Tex brand of waders). Well worth the investment. Nothing worse than trying to shimmy out of those old, wet neo’s on a sub freezing Winter day. Did I mention I hated those old neoprene waders?

Tomorrow’s Every Day in May Topic: ‘Something Completely Different’


Fly Fishing: Avoiding Cuff Creep…Stirrups

Well, the change in the weather sends a reminder of readying our cold weather gear for colder water temps. Long ago, I made the move to pile pants beneath my waders, after I smartly converted from neoprene to Gore-Tex. More recently, I was fortunate to acquire Stirrup’d pile pants (SPP). I suddenly felt a Déjà vu moment in fashion history…..

Perhaps it was the 1960’s or was it the 80’s? It does take some self confidence to wear this style, especially with Crocs 🙂

So, in the Winter when everything is bunched up and binding on cold days, it is nice to feel smooth and non-binding around the legs and ankles when walking/wading. If your wife or gal pal is over 50 (er…40?) y/o, she may have an old pair of polyester stirrup pants stashed away. Actually, I’d check the local fly shop for a more suitable pair with higher insulation.

No creeping cuffs. A fashion statement resurrected. Functional. Forget the big perm.


Fly Fishing: Gravel Guards (Simple Protection)

Putting on gravel guard. SwittersB

The elastic gravel guard (in this case Simms) is an inexpensive investment in protecting your stocking foot waders. The guard fits tight over the top of the wading boot and keeps a lot of gravel and grit out of the boot to cut abrasion against the neoprene stocking feet. You adjust the tension. One end has a velcro strip which provides strong closure. I have used these for years and find them a great investment. Although they are not really necessary, I use them when fly fishing lakes as well. Some stocking foot waders have a built in gravel guard that does an adequate job of filtering out gravel. 

Gravel guard in wrapped and the velcro grip provides a nice seal. SwittersB


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