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warmth and peaceful…

sitting in the backyard with an adult beverage and feeling the warmth after a long day’s yard work.


always feels good…

Born and raised in the Pacific NW of the U.S., I am accustomed to moisture, evergreens and moss. So when I travel to the SW desert region, I am always captivated by the cacti and rugged terrain. Oh, also the Winter chill is countered by pleasant sunshine and warmth. I know it can get cold there and, of course, blazing hot. Timing is everything.



work to be done…

“Though you live near a forest, do not waste firewood” Chinese Proverb



taking the edge off…

a chilly morning. The sounds of crackling kindling, the smell of the smoke and that nice warmth. Not something I get to do often unless camping and/or fishing on a chilly morning.

fire, wood stove, warmth, SwittersB




“One can enjoy a wood fire worthily only when he warms his thoughts by it as well as his hands and feet.” Odell Shepard



How will you be remembered?

On a brick? On a brass plate affixed to a scarred up bar in a tavern? Grave marker? Name in print? Or in some simple, deep way you touched those in your life with your honest, sincere words and love? I have sat at that bar and gazed at that name tag. No one, working there now, knows who Gene was. I bet he was more than a name tag to warrant even one person taking the time to remember him. Somewhere his positive karma is tucked away in the memories and hearts of those he passed by in life and then death.  

Today spread the warmth, the kindness, the love, your joy to the family, friends, neighbors, the clerk, the attendant, the stranger…even just a little bit.




Intoxicating to Consider

 swittersb photography red boat tropicalIntoxicating to consider, as I hear the cold East wind buffeting the side of the house tonight…a warm breeze…the cadence of the boat’s bow rising and dipping as it slices through the warm waters…light, so bright, the sunglasses fight the glare off the water, off the sand; not the snow. Clothing only worn to protect the skin, if worn at all. Warmth, radiant warmth and not a stocking cap, scarf, gloves or boots in sight. Recollections of old that take the edge off the cold.


Outdoor/Cold Weather Survival: Mitigate the Risks

At Traditional Mountaineering (an excellent resource to search through) they note that mountaineering is inherently risky/dangerous and one can only mitigate the risks. I think much of the outdoor pursuits have risks and we muddle along in those pursuits with some vague sense of ‘survival’ plan because we are close to the rig or we are with someone.


With the extreme cold temps gripping the NE U.S. and elsewhere, a stranded vehicle scenario should give rise to a bunch of what if’s. Do you really have a plan for a long term, stuck in the car event? The space blanket piece at Traditional Mountaineering got me to thinking about such a plan. It doesn’t take being stuck in sub zero temps to need such a plan. 

car snow

Truly give some thought to an in-vehicle survival/comfort kit and also think of what you should carry on your back when trudging off into the woods to fish, hike, snow shoe, photograph, etc. The space blanket gives a false sense of security…do you in general have false sense of security with your outdoor survival plans?

snow rig

Traditional Mountaineering/Index is an excellent site to search through re mountaineering issues and incidents in Oregon (and beyond). There is much to learn here that can be borrowed for the non-climbing outdoor enthusiast or stranded motorist.


Photography: Summer’s Delight…Out of Sight

Summer NIght..Last Light SB

For most places in the northern latitudes, Summer is an evaporating memory. That fading light, beautiful sunsets, and a bit of warmth left to the day….that was a Summer’s evening fishing. It felt so good…so healthy. Now the holidays loom and then that long ride through the Winter…patience in the Pacific NW.


Cold Weather Gloves for Fly Fishing

This is such a trial and error area for me. I cannot really make a recommendation. Once the temp dips below freezing and the finger tips get wet it is like a combination of bee stings and hammer strikes on my fingertips. Dexterity suffers on tying on flies, using tools, line management with a spey rod especially. I can withstand most things outdoor until my fingertips lose the battle often followed by the toes. I carry different gloves and trade them off as a pair gets overly saturated. Only advice I can give…couple pair of gloves, maybe those hand warmer packets and make the most of those hours you can take it.

Commenter Sk8flyrod pointed the way to the Kast Steelhead Gloves. Positive reviews at MidCurrent and Deneki.

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