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“Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.” Will Rogers





Will Rogers: Did You Know?

Will Rogers, 1900

Humorist ‘Will’ Rogers was born to Cherokee Indian parents in Oklahoma in 1879. His life as a humorist and actor are well known to many. What I didn’t know was how he died. He had a love affair with aviation. He had traveled around the world several times and in his travels he saw that commercial aviation in Europe was far more developed than in the U.S. where it was virtually nonexistent.He became an advocate for advancing aviation in the U.S.

He was convinced by an aviator named Wiley Post to travel along on an exploration to find a commercial route between Alaska and Russia. They left California for Seattle…retrofitted the plane with ill fitting pontoons, which some theorize made the plane nose heavy. They made their way up into Alaska, and to Fairbanks. From there, on August 15, 1935, the intent was to fly to Point Barrow, Alaska. They became lost in the weather and set down in a lagoon to ask directions from the locals.  Upon taking off from the lagoon, they went nose first into the shallow lagoon and flipped, which instantly killed both. Well, I found it interesting.

A few interesting Will Rogers’ quotes:

“Mother’s Day, it’s beautiful thought, but it’s somebody’s hurtin’ conscience that thought of the idea. It was someone who had neglected their mother for years, and then they figured out: I got to do something about Momma. And knowing Momma was that easy, they figured, “we’ll give her a day, and it will be all right with Momma.” Give her a day, and then in return Momma gives you the other 364.”

“The average citizen knows only too well that it makes no difference to him which side wins. He realizes that the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey have come to resemble each other so closely that it is practically impossible to tell them apart; both of them make the same braying noise, and neither of them ever says anything. The only perceptible difference is that the elephant is somewhat the larger of the two.”

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