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Fly Fishing Tips: Wintertime Advice

Here is a compilation of tips for those fortunate enough to venture out in the Winter to wet a line (it assumes colder conditions):

“Use a Net – The air temperature tends to be colder than the water temperature during Montana winters.  By using a net you can prevent shocking or freezing the gills by keeping the fish in the water during a release.” (more)

Deschutes River (Evan Muncy, SwittersB)

“If  you are hiking into remote areas, keep track of the time and if you are catching fish it is very easy to forget about the time. Remember, the sun goes down much earlier in the winter especially if you are in the woods or in a valley.  Even an experienced angler will easily lose track of the time so be prepared by carrying a flashlight; it will come in handy.”  (more)

“…you need to look for different kinds of water. Fish generally vacate fast moving riffles and runs, and spend their days in deep, slow pools. This allows the fish to hold their positions without using too much energy. For this reason, you should focus on slow water, and move past water that has a high gradient. Also, winter fishing tends to be best on rivers and streams where water temperatures are relatively stable. The best waters are spring creeks, and tailwaters. The water temperatures in these areas generally stay comfortable even in the coldest weather, and you will catch more fish.

It is important to fish during the warmest part of the day. Although during the summer you probably spent most of your time fishing in the early mornings and late evenings, you should do the exact opposite now. Generally, the best fishing occurs from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. This is especially important on free-flowing rivers that get very cold in the winter, but it applies on any trout water during the winter.” (more)

“The majority of fly fisherman coming into the sport today did not spin or bait fish. So they don’t have the basic instincts of someone who has learned something about streams and fish before they get into fly fishing. They are overwhelmed by the amount of equipment, websites, information, books, magazines that’s thrown at them. Television programs make it appear that trout and especially large trout are easy to catch.  What they don’t tell the viewer is that it may have taken them a week of fishing to get 20 minutes of video show the experts catching fish.”(more)


Fly Fishing: Winter Hatches & Hafele’s Advice

Rick Hafele @ Laughing Rivers has a concise piece here on Winter Fly Fishing: the consistent hatches (midges, winter stones, BWO”s) and the daily timing to maximize your frigid fun. I particularly liked the part about finding that last sunlight upon the water in the late afternoon for a flittering, final emergence…otherwise head back to the rig. A little cloud cover and drizzle can be a good thing.

Quicksilver Morning (Tony Muncy @ SB)


Swine Flu (Beat the odds…fish)

As we head into another flu season and the inevitable paranoia and relentless media overload…it is apparent that to avoid the coverage and the germ laden door handles and airborne gunk…we should be outside in the cold waving the two hander or single hander and chasing our favorite species through this physical and mental ordeal. Bundle up. Risk a cold. Stay physically active and stay away from the infirm if you can. Course, those of us that have to enter confined spaces and the unwashed….take precautions and escape as you can.




No Swine Flu Here!

No Swine Flu Here!


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