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The Shed: trapped

Brush away the webs

that collect the old worries

and keep us trapped

cobwebs-window-leaves-the shed-rural-photography-SwittesB


Where does time go?

The holiday season, in particular, elicits a great deal of thoughts and emotions for many. Yes, the blessings or seeming lack there of preys upon the mind, heart and stomach. But, whether your life is bountiful or lonely another element ever more preys upon my mind….time. Fleeting time. It is true what they said long ago, when I was young, ‘the time just seems to fly by ever faster’. And you know what, it does. Days, weeks, months and then years fly by ever faster. A few trips, a few family gatherings, a few accomplishments and a whole lot of time unused, wasted, evaporating. When you are younger it seems never ending and when you are older I think we still take it for granted.


I have this memory etched into my mind: my Mom was in hospice in our home. She was dying of cancer. She became more reflective and withdrawn. We never did have long conversations about our inner thoughts. Just didn’t happen. But, one day a short utterance from her came forth. “You know Gary, I never really did anything in life. It all went by so fast. I still feel like a little girl…afraid.” 

A strong recollection, a prompt to live life and love life. The time is still going to fly by. So what are you going to do today to make it a little bit more meaningful for you and those you like & love? 



In the attic…

of my mind. Memories stored, mostly forgotten now sitting in the dust covered boxes, bins and bags of my life. Some how, along the perilous way, one is able to take the most wrenching, disturbing, offensive, hurtful acts and stuff them into containers and close the lid on them. Out of sight, out of mind. Ah, but are they? No…Out of sight, but always seeking escape beneath the lids. Unresolved, pure acid, destructive to all. ‘Welcome’ can be so deceiving up in the attic of my mind. 

an attic--decorations-Fall-SwittersB-Photography


First light…

beckons. I went to bed with all my gear prepared lest I fumble around in the dark or with some headlamp in the dark of morning. I get up with anticipation. Odd how the mind works. I am up quickly this morn; any other morning I would moan and move slowly. Now the aches, tightness are vague reminders of age and injuries. The chill is in the air, so I bundle up against the cold and likely rain. I slowly shuffle to the water’s edge. Too dark to fish, I can hear the roar of the water…no bubbling brook now. You can feel it. The river is alive right below the surface as fish as long as your leg hold in the currents, pulsing back and forth. Slowly the light emerges. First light is a glorious time when anticipation quickens the pulse and the mind………..

first light-river-fishing-Oregon-SwittersB


Falling for you……..

“Say, care-worn man,
Whom Duty chains within the city walls,
Amid the toiling crowd, how grateful plays
The fresh wind o’er thy sickly brow, when free
To tread the springy turf,— to hear the trees
Communing with the gales,—to catch the voice
Of waters, gushing from their rocky womb,
And singing as they wander…
Spring-hours will come again, and feelings rise
With dewy freshness o’er thy wither’d heart.”

Robert Montgomery, Beautiful Influences,  A Vision of Heaven; and A Vision of Hell; 1829

Oregon-River-Fall-Leaning Tree-Photography-SwittersB


Dragon Fly

I watch for the visit from the Dragon Fly

that emerges into the world from below. They visit, they land atop my rod.

And, as if to send me positive energy, they stay longer than a skittish, common bug, inspiring me,

then bid me goodbye. Soon I see them coupled, in lusty flight, gliding by in the throes of bug love.

art-wood-dragon fly-Siletz-Oregon-Coast-photography-Switters


The Garden Gate to………

A gate to and from, a portal from the broken pieces of the past,

hazy images of what was, brief recollections of the

sublime or a horrific time. I pass through the gate toward

something better, something gentler, peace of mind, something I cannot

quite yet see, but I know is there……..

garden gate-gate-photography-SwittersB

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