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Yellow Lab Burglar! Must watch

This is a bit difficult for me to watch as we are still saddened by the loss of our yellow Lab, Emma just six months ago. But, this is so Emma. Very fun video


Emma Louise Passes On…………….

On June 3, 2003 our family brought Emma Louise into our home. On June 3, 2014 we let her go to a gentler place. No words can describe the pain of this loss to our family. Such is life and loss. Thank you Emma for all the joy you bestowed upon us every day of your life.

Emma, The Sweet, SwittersB


Photography-Pets-Yellow Lab-SwittersB-Emma Louise-Grief


emma besa june 3 2003~

photography-Emma Louise-Yellow Lab-Pets-Death-SwittersB~

emma 1 swittersb~

Emma-SwittersB-Yellow Lab


Yellow Labs & Shedding

If you have ever had certain breeds of dogs (even cats) you know what shedding is like. I do not wear a stitch of clothing that does not contain at least a few Emma hairs. The cars carry signs of her ride alongs. Guaranteed there will be shedded hair visible on the carpet, wooden floors and tiles a few hours after intense vacuuming. Lately, Emma has been shedding in clumps. She does this in the Fall, before putting on her Winter coat and again in the late Spring. For 10+ years we have put up with this and it is what it is…I wouldn’t trade it.

Emma CollageThis week, my wife decided she had to do something besides the ‘normal’ brushing. So she took Emma out back and sat down to brush out some of that hair. Pretty ghastly isn’t it. And, it leaves no doubt that brushings, vacuumings and lint brushes will never fully conquer the hairs of a Yellow Lab.

Emma Brush Out SB

Was this the scene of a shearing or a brushing?

FURminator Brush…Large Breed


Emma, Post Op

Emma Louise, Smiling and Upright (SwittersB)

Emma wanted to apologize first for her somewhat off putting photo of her surgery site. Nonetheless, she is better, almost too well. Finally, up and alert, slowly walking outside to take care of business and contemplating the stairs (not ready for that yet). Slow and easy on those front muscles. Again, thanks for the well wishes…much appreciated. Amazing that just this past Wednesday we were holding our collective breath for a positive outcome. So far, so good.



Family Member In Trouble: Emma Louise, the Yellow Lab


Emma Louise recently, upon being let out the back door, decided to chase a squirrel. This unfortunately necessitated charging off the upper deck to the lower deck and then launching off the deck over a rose bush.

Emma forgot she is 9 years old and about 15 pounds overweight. Within a few days, Emma could not walk. She tried to rise but fell to the side in frustration. She could not rise on her rear or front legs. Head hung low. Scary. Into the Vet she went this weekend. Blood tests were fine. Steroids were administered to reduce inflammation and suddenly she could momentarily stand, but still collapsed. Indications to the Vet of probably spinal issue.

A decision was made to get her to a neurologist for a MRI. Several possibilities, some more probable than others: a tick, ‘coon-hound’ disease, damage to spine/disc. Emma was put under for a MRI this afternoon and has a very ruptured disc at the C6 point. Surgery needed. Expensive. I would sell every piece of fly fishing gear I own to pay for the surgery. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. They go in through the front. Prognosis risky for this ‘family member’. Say a little prayer for this sweet girl. She is very tuckered out. So are we. Thanks to all for the well wishes! Very kind.



Pet Loyalty: The Good, Bad & Pending Times

By your side, dogs are often a household barometer of your mood, your family’s well-being. They pick up on the good, bad and pending. Loyalty beyond conditioning or their needs. Pets are a burden in some people’s minds but year in, year out they are comforting during your worst times. Every once in awhile, as you are lost in your own struggle, look up at that sweet face and give it a rub and a few kind words.

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