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Fly Tying: Zug Bug

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Fly Fishing: Size Matters (Don’t Be Sad)

The common factors for the beginning-intermediate fly fisher in fly selection are commonly stated as size, color and shape for trout. 

For the beginning fly fisher, the best advice I can offer is identify size as best as you can  (usually smaller than you would think, save those Drakes and Hex hatches). Then color and then shape or stage. This is important whether fishing a nymph, larva, pupa or dun/spinner.

Study up on the hatches for the bodies of water you intend to fish and then study those hatches for size, variances of color and overall shape.     

Also, not to be forgotten is action/presentation. This can be movement to suggest life or lack of movement, but presenting the fly, untroubled, into the zone. Fly above: I tied a smaller version of the Zug Bug. 


Fly Tying & Fishing: Zug Bug

Oh my goodness. I haven’t fished a Zug Bug in years. I don’t have any. How did that happen? The Prince Nymph perhaps? Regardless, it is an awesome fly and I intend to tie some in say size 8 to size 14. I love the iridescence of the peacock sword tail and that easier to tie in mallard wingcase (only tied in at front of thorax). It can be tied, like every other subsurface fly, with a bead. But, I would tie it the original way, sans the bead, with wire wraps for weight. Silver tinsel is another less used tying material these days. I came upon the pattern while researching under body/over body tying techniques. There was the Zug Bug. A fly that 25+ years ago took many fish for me on the Metolius, Mckenzie, Deschutes, Crooked, Malheur, Minam….well, it did! How does a productive fly fade away like that? Here are a couple of examples….

Zug Bug

Zug Bug

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