New San Madrid Fault Lines & 15 Nuclear Power Plants!

One of these most volatile seismic areas in the U.S., the New San Madrid Fault is surrounded by over a dozen nuclear power plants.

“The USGS report predicts that a major quake would create horrific scenes like something out of a science fiction movie, potentially cutting the Eastern part of the country off from the West in terms of vehicular traffic and road commerce.”  ABC News

I hope there is an honest and immediate assessment of what would be needed re the nuclear power plant’s failures in the event of catastrophic quakes in the New San Madrid area?

“…a major quake along the New Madrid fault line could displace 7.2 million people and knock out 15 bridges. The response would require 42,000 first responders from local firefighters to the Pentagon. Another study by the Mid-America Earthquake Center last year estimates that nearly 750,000 buildings would be damaged, 3,000 bridges would potentially collapse…”


3 Responses to “New San Madrid Fault Lines & 15 Nuclear Power Plants!”

  1. 1 Sam Holcombe
    April 2, 2011 at 15:13

    This is the craziest of all crazies!!! Absolutely frigging insane!!! Our so-called leaders situating nuclear power plants anywhere around the New San Madrid Fault lines! An insane monkey could make better decisions! And all for what? In a word, PROFIT! This is tantamount to committing mass suicide! If an earthquake with a magnitude such as the recent earthquake in Japan occurs in this area, everyone might as well place their head firmly between their legs and kiss their backsides goodbye! How would anyone in the eastern, north eastern or south eastern area of the country have even a glimpse of a chance? It is totally beyond me how this was ever allowed to take place!!!


    • 2 tom price
      May 27, 2011 at 14:59

      Sam, This was all planned by the elite. They would love for this to happen, and it will.
      The ELITE will be safe in their fortresses knowing well in advance when the curtains will fall.
      The quote lives on “Anything that happens in government is no accident”.

      God will help the just and good people.


  2. 3 craig
    March 30, 2011 at 08:17

    you might be on to something…locally homeland defense has been running psa’s related to food storage in the event of a disaster. i asked, “why?”, perhaps this is the answer.

    we haven’t had much in the of way seismic activity for years (we do tornadoes, blizzards and hordes of locusts) but we’ve had three measurable quakes in the last two years.



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